Don't really have a bedtime beauty routine or just want to try some new products? Here are our 3 bedtime favorites and must haves at the moment to prepare ourselves for a good night's sleep.

ENVELOPE by Lotte Fuhre Ellingsen


CHANEL Lait Confort cleansing milk - You should always cleanse your face before you go to bed, no excuses! Our skin regenerates at night and it's important to give it a break from the dirt and pollution that builds up on our outer skin layer during the day. Our favorite cleanser ATM is this creamy cleansing milk from Chanel. It both cleanses and moisturizes your skin, and that's exactly what we want for the colder season.


ORIGINS Drink Up mask - If your skin is feeling dry when fall and winter begins, one great tip is to switch your regular face cream into a hydrating mask and use it overnight. The Drink Up mask from Origins surely does the job, and leaves our skin feeling super hydrated and smooth. Definitely a favorite that we make sure to always have in our cabinet


THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - This blend of essential oils of lavender, vetiver and wild camomile is super relaxing and a great natural way to help restore natural sleep. Spray your pillow before bed and enjoy the best sleep of your life!