The third eye on Charlotte Thorstvedt

She is inspired by her mom,  drink her coffee at Tim Wendelboe and stack her jewellery perfectly. Meet multitalented and not so dark- Charlotte Thorstvedt. 

WHO: Charlotte Thorstvedt

WHAT: Designer, anthropologist, dj, model, tv-personality and booking manager at The Villa

FROM WHERE: Stavanger


WHERE ARE YOU GOING NEXT? Home to Stavanger for christmas, then New York and Tulum and Mexico in January to defrost.


What inspired you to launch a jewellery line? It was Arts & Crafts that approached me and asked if I would be interested in a collaboration. Now 4 years later and 4 collections later, we are still doing it! It’s a great match. We have the same values and outlook on life. I loved the idea that it was for their handmade silver/bronze line - especially because it’s ethically produced in Indonesia at a small family run establishment. The handmade quality makes every piece unique. As an anthropologist I think of jewellery as something every culture throughout the ages has had in some shape or form, in order to adorn and decorate the human body. It has some basic, universal function that appears in many guises, which is intriguing to me. Plus I love to be creative and make things!

How many pieces are made? In this current new collection there are around 12 pieces, and in stores some of the best sellers from previous collections have stood the test of time and are still available. In total you might see around 20-25 pieces from my collections. 

How would you style your jewellery? I often layer necklaces at different lengths. The eye necklace along with the crystal ball necklace - those two I rarely take off. My beloved triangle fingertip ring never leaves my side either - and the same goes for the ear cuffs. I find favourites and refuse to take them off. 

What about stacking- can you tell us the best way to do it? It’s a great way to layer your jewellery and come up with interesting, new combinations. I dont think there is any right or wrong way to go about it - but use your aesthetic sense to create some sense of balance. And I have no qualms about combine bronze, silver and gold.

The story behind  your “eye" necklace and rings? Ah, the eye. Well it is a powerful symbol in so many different cultures and mythologies; Indian (Shiva’s third eye), Egypt (horus), the evil eye, the all seeing eye, etc. For me it is a symbol of awareness, perhaps a spiritual quest for a higher consciousness, to see things clearly, to observe and gain knowledge.

What kind of jewellery memories do you have from your childhood? My mother always had funky jewellery and still does. She had a lot of interesting pieces that inspired me. Now she always wears my pieces. I have a cool mom.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to see wearing the jewellery I would die if I saw Gloria Steinem, Bjørg, or Marina Abramovic wearing them.

What is style for you? Style is above all personal. Whatever floats your boat, and not anyone else’s, that’s what style is. Style is fearlessness to be yourself.

What trends do you believe in for the next season s16? I think sustainable fashion & eco fashion is making a big come back!


Where do you take your coffe in Oslo? Tim Wendelboe.

Where do you eat out? I love the restaurant Dr. Kneipp in Grunerløkka. It’s super tiny, quaint, and they have a massive amount of amazing wines.

Where do you go out? The Villa, of course!

Envelope by Celine Aagaard photo: Linnea Syversen


photpcred: Linn Syversen/A&C Jewellery