Eyes on Linda Tol

Eyes on Linda Tol

She used to be inspired by Beverly Hills 90210. Now she is one of the hottest street style muses in the business. Meet street style icon, tomboy and influencer Linda Tool.

Where did your fascination for fashion started? It started as a little girl dressing up my barbie dolls. My mom loved to dress up my sister and I.

How did you get into the business? I started working at one of the biggest PR agencies in Amsterdam. I learned a lot about styling, communication and PR. Many stylists supported me to do something more with my style. After 3 years I decided to start my own company and was born.

Where did you grow up? In Volendam a small town close to Amsterdam.

Has your hometown and background inspired you style wise? My mothers passion for fashion might have influenced me. But my hometown definitely not. I was actually always a kind of a stranger  styling wise. I had many friends from Amsterdam and started to go out since I was 15 years old in the big city. I was more attracted to the style and the life in the big city.

Did you have any styleicons back then? Kate Moss and the crew from Beverly Hills 90210, haha. I still love vintage denim.

You travel a lot - what city do you like the most? That's a difficult question. I love LA and NY as a city, I love the lifestyle. But Bali is my favorite Island for the perfect relax holiday. I moved to Milan one year ago and I'm still exploring Italy. Italy is so beautiful.

In what way does living in Milan inspires you? Milan is in my opinion not the most beautiful city of Italy. It's the perfect city to live for work. All my friends live here. I love the lifestyle, and Milan is a perfect base. I love the fact that people appreciate fashion, many people are well dressed.

What is the first thing you do in the morning? I check my phone and my Instagram account.

How many hours aday are you online? I sleep 6 or 7 hours a night so around 18 hours.

Your highlights in your carrier? My collaboration with Glamour Italia.

What inspires you? I gain my inspiration from magazines, instagram, pinterest but most of all daily life. I travel a lot and love to get inspired by other cultures.

Who do you follow on instagram? I follow my friends Anna Nooshin @annanooshin Yara Michels @yara_michels,  Courtney Trop @alwaysjudging , Eleonora Carisi @eleonoracarisi and Lizzy van der Ligt @lizzyvdlig, but also people who aren't famous in the industry but inspring for me. I love to browse to instragram to discover new inspiring accounts. Like @Ziiarch @Thatsotee and I love the account  @cupofcouple

What webpages do you visit?

Fashion Gone Rogue:

The Coveteur:



What is style for you? Style is an expression of your individuality. Your style has to reflect your personality. Stay true to yourself. In this way you will be and stay unique. And dare to try something new, dare to take risks.

Whats your secret to always be so unique?  It’s very important to stay true your personality. Your style has to reflect your personality. Stay true to yourself. In this way you will be and stay unique. Next to that I guess I'm very lucky. I guess I was born with this sense of style.

What is a keeper in you wardrobe? My vintage Levi's denim and red leather Alai blazer

Where do you get your daily style inspiration I gain my inspiration from magazines, instragam, pinterest but most of all daily life. I travel a lot and love to get inspired by other cultures.

What keyitems do you go for this season? Velvet Boots, Jumpsuits, Long maxi Military Coats and Boxy squared bags.

Whats the next big thing? Fashion Month in September. I will attend NY, Milan and Paris Fashion Week.

Dress up or dress down? Dress up but balance is the key.

Vintage or new buys? Difficult to choose. I’m a big fan of vintage because it’s a great way to incorporate unique pieces into your wardrobe that you can’t find just anywhere. It's probably the mix.

Skinny jeans or boyfriends? Boyfriend jeans. My signature.

 How is living in Milan? Moving to Milan was one of the best decisions ever. I work for Glamour Italia, my agency is based in Milan and all my best friends live here. I found a new family in Italia and I'm happy to be close to them. Next to that the weather is much better than in Holland and I love the Italian lifestyle.

Where do you take your coffee? Valà is my favorite spot for coffee. It's close to my house and they have almond/soya milk which is not easy to find in Milan. I don't speak Italian, but I order my cappuccino in Italian, if I ask for Soya milk they immediately know I'm not Italian.

Where do you eat? That depends on my mood. El Porteno if I'm in the mood for meat - the have the best steaks in town, and Drogheria Milanese for brunch.

Where do you shop? Antonia Milano

Where do you go out? Mag Cafe for cocktails

What trends do you believe in? The 70s trend is still strong for 2016 but in a more minimalistic way.

Any forecast for 2016? Retro silhouettes, Volume (Wide trousers) Botanique influences


Linda is known for her uniqe tomboy look. Sporting Sportmax - in black & white. Picture from


Linda did this beauty shoot with Lancome at Ibiza this spring. Love the look with the wet look and red lips.


Follow @lindatol for inspiration. Here from the Coachella festival wearing Roberto Cavalli, bag from Proenza Schouler and shoes from Mayke Shoe Heaven. photocred by @nyavgjoe




Street style muse Linda Tol is a contributor to Glamour magazine Italy, and founder of


Linda in danish design, By Malene Birger, shot by Vogue Italy.


Wearing Missoni during Milan Fashion Week

@lindatol_ photocred@jaiperdumaveste