INTERVIEW - Meet Creative Director of Maison Ravn

Who: Claudia Ravnbø

What: Creative Director of the luxury bag brand Maison Ravn

Where: France

Kate Moss got her hands on the first bag ever made-  now Maison Ravn is one of the hottest luxury bag brands to watch in Paris - created by a norwegian designer.

What inspired you to create and launch Maison Ravn? After being obsessed with hand bags since my childhood and always travelling around the world, something happened.

Tell us shortly the story I was sourcing for fabrics for a interior project I had going on for a Hotel. Im always looking for the rare treasure- and there it was in front of me- a beautiful small piece of Ottoman embrodery from the 18th century with the most beautiful colours and pattern. I had to have it. I folded the fabric and put it under my arm and I said to myself that would be an amazing bag. The idea was to make it as beautiful inside as outside, which is real luxury to me, and I added my favourite creme Lyon silk 19th to make the inside lining. This is how it all started.

What inspires your design? My designs are inspired by everything around me. I see patterns in most things so there is always a hint towards something graphic and related to patterns. Colours too, very depended of where I am travelling, but the creations always tend to reflect places I have been recently. Other great source of inspiratiion is my passion for art, so I never miss a museum or exhibition which always inspires me.  My guru is Cy Twobly.

How would you say your norwegian background inspires you? My norwegian background is very present in everything I do.  Having grown up in the northen parts of norway, the light and darkness has influenced me a lot, and I would say that the strong contrasts in my work/creations comes from there. The scandinavian design in general such as keeping things basic and clean with nobel materials definetely plays a role as well.

How does your collection reflect your personal style? I think there could be no closer link then the collection and myself. Very ecclectic, ever –changing, and very cosmopolite. I think style is something you have, not something you blend together. We have the same style for breakfast, lunch or gala dinner - and for this exact reason I think everybody should have there unique bag which feels like a reflection of their personality and not of one global trend or style.

What is style to you? Style is an attitude more then anything else, and to be coherent with what you are. Nobody will say you are a stylish person just by what you wear, its how you wear it.

All pieces are unique. What was the initial idea? For me "a piece unique" is the definition itself of luxury. Something that is not reproduced, preciouse, and thought of like a piece of art, and is only yours to wear. Today that is very hard to find.

How did Kate Moss spot the bag?  We met in Bodrum, and after hanging out together she noticed my terrible homemade first Maison Ravn bag, she loved the fabrics and said to me-  I want one. As I had no production plan nor really knowing that this adventure would start - I gave it to her. So she can proudly say she owns the first Maison Ravn bag.  I must give her a better version though as the evolution of the bag is quite impressive.  I think she reflects Maison Ravn very well- ecclectic, cosmopolite, timeless and effortlyless chic.

Do you remeber your first bag ever? I think I got a small Goldpfeil nubuck bag in fuchia in blu. Dont even know if that brand exist anymore. And the first I bought myself was a LV monogram.

What trends do you believe in for AW16? Definetly the 80/90 jackets and silhuettes, lots of metallic fabrics mixed with strong colours and flowers.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

Pictures by Luc Braquet/Maison Ravn

Model: Selma/Elite


Pictures by Luc Braquet /Model Selma/Elite


Pictures by Luc Braquet - Model -  Selma/Elite


One of the new bags from Maison Ravn. Unique handcrafted bags made in Paris.


Pictures by Luc Braquet  Model Selma/Elite


Kate Moss owns the very first Maisons Ravn bag ever made.


Pictures by Luc Braquet Model  Selma/Elite


Pictures by Luc Braquet Model: Selma/Elite


Pictures by Luc Braquet Model Selma/Elite


Black patchwork bag from the ss16 collection.


Creative Director of Maison Ravn- Claudia Ravnbø