Eyes on norwegian design: AVENUE

WHO: Ingvild Abrahamsen Gustaf Gyllenhammar

WHAT: Creative Directors Avenue

BACKGROUND: Oslo National Academy of the arts and school of life.


 - We dont believe in trends, says Ingvild Abrahamsen.  It started up with one simple T-shirt - now they launch their third collection-  inspired by old European hospital uniforms from the 1930s and traditional Chinese worker uniforms. Envelope met up with the norwegian designers behind Avenue.

What inspired you to create and launch Avenue? Gustaf: What inspired us was the lack of good fitted t-shirts. We’ve always been buying a lot of band shirts and basic t-shirts, and the fact that it is so hard to find good fitted t-shirts made us design a basic t-shirt that we felt had a good fit and quality. This developed in to making a brand based on good quality garments with attention to a good fit and design, and with a clear aesthetic. 

Tell us shortly the Avenue "Story" Gustaf: Its not a long story, yet, but it all started with the simple t-shirt . This was two years ago and now we've just made our third collection for AW16. 

What inspires your design? Ingvild: A lot of our ideas come from our own perception of clothes. We have specific preferences in the details in a garment so we try to translate this into our design. We always like to keep updated on what's relevant today as well as the past, so we have a nice pool of ideas to pick from.

How does the collection reflect your personal style? Ingvild: We design garments that we would like to wear ourselves, so yes, it reflects our personal style a lot. 

All your pieces are unisex, what was that the initial idea? Gustaf: It was never an "idea”, it was just a natural from the start as we have never felt the need to categorize our design as only menswear or womanswear. We also find it challenging and interesting to develop a garment to fit the bodies of both male and female. 

Do you share any of the pieces in your wardrobe? Ingvild: Yeah mostly I borrow Gustaf's clothes. It is a little bit more difficult for him to wear my clothes as he is physical taller than me and also like clothes more oversized, so they tend to end up a little too tight. Quite often we buy clothes in XL for both to wear. 

Can you tell us the best way to layer? Ingvild: Layer like a geisha, there is never too much layer. 

The SS16 campaign is inspired by Asia, tell us about the fascination. Ingvild: The spring summer collection is not entirely inspired by Asian culture. It's inspired by old European hospital uniforms from the 1930s and traditional Chinese worker uniforms. We have a fascination for mixed quality fabrics so that's why some of the garments are in Cotton/linen and silk/linen, as an example. We want this collection to be perceived as a merge between European and Asian culture. We find the “zen” feel of Asian traditional clothes and style of dressing interesting and inspiring. Comfort is also an important aspect of our design. This can also be translated back to the traditional Asian way of dressing.

Any favourite pieces from the basic line you always wear? Ingvild: I have worn the Charlotte silk pants every day since we got them and our hoodies and sweats are garments I always go back to. Gustaf: At the moment I wear a lot of our thin wool sweaters. 

Is there anyone in particular you would like to see wearing your design? Ingvild: Not really, I'm happy and amazed for anyone wearing our clothes.

 Any tips on how to easily style an outfit with clothes from your collection? Gustaf: You can pair our clothes with anything from a Hermes coat to a Slowdive band shirt. 

What is style to you? Ingvild: Style to us is expressing your personality through clothes. Finding garments and putting together combinations of clothing that makes you feel good.

What trends do you believe in for AW16? Ingvild: We don’t believe in trends 


Where do you get your coffe in Oslo? Fuglen

Where do you eat in Oslo? Loving hut

Where do you go out in Oslo? Café Nero

Where would you recommend people to visit in Oslo? Maaemo, for a next level food experience!

Where can we buy Avenue in Oslo? Nr. 9, F5 and Dapper

Check out Avenue here

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

"Layer like a geisha"


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Photo: Celine Aagaard /


Photo: Celine Aagaard /


Photo: Celine Aagaard /


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