Silver and pearls day and night


Elegant and contemporary. The Purely Pandora Collection feature timeless silver beads and freshwater pearls, and can be worn day and night.


It's time to take a break from huge statement jewellery and start the year with a pair of elegant and contemporary pearl hoop earings.

Inspired by the coldest time of year, this Purely PANDORA Collection is a collection full of warmth. Bright sterling silver and vibrant PANDORA Rose are perfectly complemented by freshwater cultured pearls and beads. 

The elegant designs boast outstanding details such as cleverly placed pearls and spheres which appear to float. The rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and charms are modern but have the air of much-loved classics.

Favourites in this diverse collection include the long necklaces. A combination of different-length chains and pendants, makes an attractive statement. The jewellery in the Purely PANDORA line is refined and light enough to be worn both day and night.


Contemporary pearls hoop earrings in stearling silver, white, freshwater cultured pearl, from Pandora here.

Skjermbilde 2019-02-17 kl. 16.07.08

Contemporary pearls hoop earrings, Pandora Rose here.

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Skjermbilde 2019-02-17 kl. 16.25.38

Pandora rose necklace here.