The Iconic Pierre Balmain dress

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Its all about layering, and if you never wear your dresses during the winter season, you should take a look here. This is how we styled the white Pierre Balmain coctail dress from Zalando during New York Fashion Week.

- I am a huge fan of layers, and have been wearing dresses over pants for a while. During the last day in New York, I was wearing a white iconic Pierre Balmain cocktail dress for the shows, says Founder of Envelope Celine Aagaard.

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Photo: Egor Tsodov


Black and white during New York fashion Week. Shot before the Ralph Lauren show, wearing the iconic coctail dress from Pierre Balmain, via

Photo: Egor Tsodov


How to wear dresses over pants.

Photo: Egor Tsodov


Photo: Egor Tsodov