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INTERVIEW: Meet the young jewellery maker

WHO: Julie Nielsdotter

WHAT: Jewellery maker and owner of Julie Nielsdotter Jewellery 

WHERE: Copenhagen 

The twenty-two year old jewellery designer, Julie Nielsdotter has made a statement in the market. Her designs balance between the enchanting and minimalistic style- we met Julie in Copenhagen.

COPENHAGEN Envelope by Selina Ekra Sei

After graduating from the Technical School and the jeweller education she started her own brand, Julie Nielsdotter Jewellery. Her designs take us into a universe where magical and clean are two important keywords. We met Julie at her cooperation store opening with Marie-Louise Joensen, MaryLou Jewellery.

How would you describe your design? I go after a pure and simple style, but at the same time it should be magical and enchanting to look at. I love to use clean lines and focus a lot on my material. The element I use the most are baroque pearls. 

What type of woman do you try to reach out too with your jewellery? For starters I focus on my personal taste in design, because I always make something that I like and would wear myself. But I would say that I make jewellery for every woman out there. I design for people who are appealed to something that is shiny and magical. My jewellery speaks to the little princess we all have inside. 

When did you start getting interested in jewellery? A passion of mine has always been style in general, everything from clothing and purses, to interior. I started spotting colours, compositions and shape in everything I saw from a young age. At the same time I have always been fascinated by jewellery. When I started choosing my own jewellery I noticed that I missed something in the market. There was always something that I wanted to correct in what I bought. At that time I got the idea that maybe I could make my own designs. I wanted to make something different and create things that I missed in the market. I have always loved to work physically and creatively with my hands. It got to a point where making my own designs just made sense to me.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I am very inspired by the antiquity. I would say that I redo styles from the antiquity and give it a minimalistic look. That way I make it into my own consistent and modern style. What I find the most fascinating and inspiring is the natural products I use. If I buy a rock and think that this is just something I can't live without, then I would have to transform it to something I could wear. 

Which designer would you hope to wear your jewellery? It’s a showroom in Copenhagen called "The apartment", that is a design gallery. The way they use their aesthetics have been inspiring my own jewellery and designs. The force behind the showroom is Tina Seidenfaden Busck. I would love for her to wear my jewellery. She got this specific aesthetic that I admire. It’s fresh, fun, colourful and magical. I think my jewellery would fit into that universe.


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa


Photo: Ida Fiskaa