Funda Christophersen - In my bag

In my bag

Copenhagen Fashion Week is starting up next week, see whats in style influencer Funda Christophersens bag.

Funda Christophersen, 31, Copenhagen - Denmark Co-founder & Style Director at, international PR coordinator at Jane Kønig and blogger at

Whats your key items for fashion week? This seasons must-have ‘Faye’ bag in suede is one of my key pieces for fashion week - it has a beautiful yellow gold color and matches perfectly to my fall wardrobe. A pair of sunglasses is a must as well as my timeless golden jewelry. Besides that I always wear one of my favorite scents from Byredo Parfums, recently I added the scent ‘Inflorescence’.


Funda christophersen is co-founder of Luelle mag & Style director, works pr at Jane Kønig and run her blog By Funda. During Fashion Week in Copenhagen this week, shes having the Faye bag on her shoulder.

photo: Funda Christophersen /ByFunda


In Funda Christoffersens Faye bag for Fashion Week.

My favorite scent from Byredo

Faye from Chloe.


To colored Havana sunglasses fra Céline


Watch from Omega

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