Adam Katz Sinding

- For street there are no rules, says Adam Katz Sinding.  He got his first camera when he was 11, now Adam travels around the world and capture the best pictures from the street during Fashion Week.

Name: Adam Katz Sinding

Camera: Nikon D4S

Based in: New York City + Amsterdam

Location right now: Milan

When did you get your first camera, and what kind of camera was that? I got my first camera when my dad passed away. I was around 11 years old, and had little or no knowledge of how to use it. It was nikon F100 I believe.

How did your interest of photography start? I had a girlfriend in around 2003-2004, of Norwegian decent nonetheless,  who wanted me to take some portraits of her with her film camera. So she taught me how to use the light meter and we did it. it was very fun and the photos were no horrible. After that I bought my first Nikon D70 DSLR and shot around Seattle.

Where does the fascination for shooting people come from - and when did you start capturing unique style in the street? It was never a fascination. I did it as an excuse to talk to people who I found interesting and was too shy to approach otherwise.

What makes a great photo? That is 100% arbitrary. Photos which I love, others may hate, and that's one of the best things about it. I shoot for myself, and am lucky enough that some people find my photos pleasing. That's enough for me. And what makes not. Again: there are no rules. for me, for street, there are rules. The footing needs to be correct. The framing...the distance from the subject. The emotion. i can take a very "nice" photo of someone but there is no feeling in the image, and I scrap it. The image has to tell me something about the moment. It's not just "look at this pretty girl wearing a cool bag". She has to be exuding something.

Any personal favorites to photograph right now? Natasha Goldenberg, Jo Ellison, Sarah Harris, Markus Ebner, Larissa Hofmann, Christina Centenera.

You just visited Oslo during Oslo Runway, In what way do you think Scandinavian People is interesting? Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Scandinavia. Denmark is my dream home. Scandinavians have an incredibly realistic view of fashion. They dress in a way that is beautiful and confident while still maintaining minimalism and utilitarian aspect. For me it's perfection.

Any chance to have you back for next season? 100%. I cannot wait. Oslo Runway exceeded my expectations. I cannot WAIT.

Where do you find inspiration off Fashion Week? Hahahhahaha, off fashion week? There's no such thing. But I guess if there are a few days in between I go to CPH. I'm just happier there.

Any tip for an unknown person to get your attention during fashion week? Of course: Don't try to get my attention. Ignore me. I feed of the hunt. I need to feel lesser than you. I need to feel that you will walk by and I'll have no chance to get the photo. The moment you start to pose and do what the photographers tell you to do, I fall out of love.

What is style for you? Confidence.

We love your sens of style, do you always wear black? Always done? Hahah. I do it because I live in a suitcase and cannot pack any "outfits" so everything has to work together. Thus black. Yes, since about 2004 I suppose when I moved to Paris. it makes me feel good and it helps hide my love handles.

Whats your highlight in your carrier so far? No such thing. Every day I get to shoot and have something to be proud of in my work is as exciting as anything. I just want to do this...every day...forever?

About how many travel days do you have a year? Over 300 for sure. Probably over 340. I have been in NYC 28 days this year...INCLUDING three NYFW seasons...and it's the end of September.

How many hours a sleep do you get during the night with so much work? 4-6. Depends. Now I have someone to help me with editing, so I sleep more. But it's never enough.

How do you get time to relax between all the travel? Relax? What's that? No. When I get home from shooting I go for a run. Maybe 10k. Then I come home and look over the photos with my editor. Then I go out to a party if I can get in. im never really invited anywhere, ironically, just to maintain my sanity. Then crash out after and wake up and repeat.

And is there ever a day you dont bring your camera around? Yes. When I'm in NYC i rarely have one anymore. But again, I'm never there so no.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard Photocred:le21eme/Michael C. Dumler

This article was published for the first time september 2015.


photocred - le21eme


Photocred: Adam Katz Sinding /le21eme



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Shot from Oslo Runway by Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine and le21eme