Who: Fiona Dinkelbach


Where: Germany

She has an unique eyes for details and catches the light perfectly in her beige universe. Her visual diary is like a 70s movie. Meet Editor and art historian, Fiona Dinkelbach.


Your style is unique, what is style to you? It's all about being true to yourself. Wear whatever you want to wear: when it makes you feel good and confident you also radiate that to others.

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White, black, brown, nude, beige - when did this universe of you started? Tough question – I think it was more like a process over the years. I never liked much color. And I've always been a minimalist in terms of style, fashion and decor. I need space to breathe and to be creative – that means focusing on the simple things and getting rid of everything that breaks it. So my environment became more and more the look of my visual language. I have always been into 70s design, movies, photography and architecture – I always wanted to incorporate that feel in my aesthetic – but with a modern and contemporary approach. And that's where I am now.


Have you ever been wearing anything in color? Sometimes I do, but very very rarely. I just took a look at my closet for you and I have one (!) blouse, which is black/white/red striped – but, to be honest, this is the only thing I sometimes wear which could be called at least as a bit of „colorful“ - the rest is neutral, black and white. But when it comes to accessoires, I sometimes like to freshen up my minimalist wardrobe with some statement pieces, like a snakeskin-inspired bag or some fun earrings. But wait, they're also most of the time in neutrals. Conclusion: I have one piece with a bit of color, haha.

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Where do you collect your inspiration? From art, design and architecture. Going to an exhibition, discovering new designs and interiors/exteriors is the holy grail for me. Also traveling in the US is a huge infuence. Los Angeles and small desert cities are my favorite inspiration sources.

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 When did your fascination for photography start? I always had that thing for visuals. During my studies at art school I worked interdisciplinary in different subjects and fields – from design and art history, to film studies and photography class: I think this mixture built a great foundation of what I'm doing right now. It helped a lot to learn theories about art and design, but it was also important to me to focus on practice.

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What is a good picture in your eyes - and what is not? It's hard to say, because it always depends. But I like to capture moments and more uncommon things. Like things that reminds my of some kind of a feeling or which gives me a nostalgic vibe.


How did you frst get into the business? I started with a simple fashion blog, after my art studies to have something in between my applications. But I always wanted to create more. Do be more than a regular fashionblogger. Today I'm happy to combine my interest in fashion with my background in art.


Your 5 key items for the season? - a brown leather coat - chunky earrings by Monies (love that brand) - black sock boots - menswear inspired suits and soft leather gloves.


What do you never wear? Never say never, but I'm not that kind of a sporty girl when it comes to styles and fashion. I rarely wear anything activewear inspired, like sneakers, hoodies etc. And I'd never wear a backpack.

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– When did your interest for fashion start? I always loved fashion. I think it really started as a kid, when my 4-year old me told my mother that I don't want to wear a specifc kind of jeans – I always knew what I wanted to wear.

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In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? To be honest, I'm a warm-weather and summer girl. So my mood is always focused on the next travel to a warmer destination. When I'm in Germany, most of the time I stay at home editing my pictures, catching up with friends or go to meetings – most of the time I wear off-duty looks like all-black styles, black turtlenecks and simple chinos, but when I'm in the US or somewhere else I really love to dress up more.

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What trends and colours do you believe in for the new season? Haha, of course neutrals! Especially brown-tones are perfect for fall. I really like soft suede overknees, long trenches and a lot of menswear inspired styles, like oversized blazers and tailored pants. Chunky big earrings are also still a thing – especially in gold or made out of resin


Flats or heels? I like both, but I'm more into heels

City tips for travellers: I don't spent that much time in the city I live in, because I'm always on the go. So most of the time I like to spend my free time at home or just going to the cinema. My favorite one is CAPITOL (, the interior is amazing! And you can have a cocktail before the screening, I really like that.

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