Who: Karine Næss

What: Fashion designer 

Where: Oslo, Norway 

Follow: IG @karinenaess

Karine Næss is one of the new designers who had her debut during Oslo Runway this season. After graduating from Oslo National Academy of the Arts two years ago she has finally shaped together a collection that brings attention to the young designer. Her SS19 line was one of the highlights among newcomers and gives refreshing air into the Norwegian fashion world. We had a chat with the girl who is about to introduce an urban and youth cultural twist into the market. Meet Karine Næss in this week’s interview.

Header photos by: Fredrik Austad

ENVELOPE by Selina Ekra Sei 

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Photo by: Fredrik F. Austad

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am a 25-year-old fashion designer. I like to keep my mind occupied on things of interest, such as traveling, philosophy and reading, in general to acquire new knowledge. I like to see this in the context of clothing.


Photo by: Fredrik Austad

Tell us about the process before your debut on Oslo Runway? It was a long process, but I will try to keep it short. I graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts two years ago with a bachelor in clothing design. Since then I had a lot of time to think about my work, and also do other things I was interested in. I really wanted to show something earlier; at the same time I doubted my choice of career. That gave me a distance to my work, which I think was necessary. I was able to see more clearly what I wanted to do.


Photo by: Fredrik Austad

The process of inspiration and testing started last year. I have also worked part time as a tailor to finance the collection. It was first when I decided on a deadline I began to make the actual garments. I was very lucky that my roommates let me use the living room as an atelier this summer, which is where I made the whole collection. I’m also lucky that my friends are very supportive and I got a lot of help from them.


Photo by: Fredrik Austad

What inspired you to become a fashion designer? I always created stuff when I was younger, but never clothes. As my interest in fashion grew it became natural for me to work with it.

Fashion is a way to express something, so you can really work with anything you find interesting or relevant. That way I know it will never be boring. That’s one of the things that keep me inspired to continue.


Photo by: Ignat Wiig

How would you describe your SS19 collection - and what is the main inspiration source behind it? Shapes and colors from nature, but mostly the garden has  inspired me. There are many terms with a fluid content, such as what we find ugly and beautiful. But also there are those things that are more stabile, those elements we always like, for example flowers or even glitter. It’s more naive, but in an interesting way I think. 



Photo by: Fredrik Austad

The collection is very much about the women, and what she finds attractive. I tried to picture the women of today with the memory of the past. I have been looking on archetypes and women’s history, but also how we remember and collect emotions and experience in our own life.

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Top three designers or artists that you look up to – and why? I admirer Miuccia Prada for managing to have such a strong mindset, and still be a big brand. Those two components don’t really match. Also, many designers keep themself relevant only for some seasons. Prada is always relevant.

I like to read Proust. He describes moments in the everyday life in a very detailed and satisfying way. He must have had a really beautiful mind to write like that, I think.

I would also like to mention Rachel Whiteread. Even though she is not my favourite artist she is always relevant to me. Her sculptures and ideas regarding the negative space opened my mind at that time. Her work showed me to see in a different way, and I became better at drawing. 


Photo by: Ignat Wiig

How would you describe your designs in use of three words? I wouldn’t describe my design in three words. Sometimes I want the design only to communicate something, but most pieces have more focus on how the clothes feel. I think the dialogue with the clothes and the mind is interesting.


Photo by: Fredrik Austad

What’s your further plan? I just started on my master at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, where I will continue to evolve as a designer and a brand.


Photo by: Ignat Wiig

Næss together with the models after her debut on Oslo Runway SS19.