Interview: My style Lena Lademann

Who: Lena Lademann

Where: Hamburg, Germany

Big shoulders, khaki and neon. Her key items changes like the weather. Meet the effortlessly cool german influencer Lena Lademann.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Style is comfort. To feel good in what you wear, no matter what others might think of it. And to wear what you think is stylish and not to blindly run after every "trend" suggerated from other people, social media etc.

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What is your inspiration and where do you collect your inspiration? In genereal I always think of on key piece I want to focus on (if it might be a jeans or a top) and then look what goes with it. And then I love the tumblr La cool et chic. Mix of fashion and design inspos.


In what way would you say that living in Hamburg reflect your style( if it does)? The style of Hamburg does not reflect mine at all. People here are not too much into fashion or not to keen to try out new stuff. They like their safety zone. But the mentality here reflects my personality. Being happy, to calm down in between the fast moving fashion world, to stay true to myself, not to take myself too seriously and to have my oldest friends as well as my family always by my side. Hamburg is not hectical at all. That's what I love because I get a healthy distance. 

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What do you never wear? Never say never

When did your interest for fashion start? I guess when I was five and thought I could totally kill that pink leggings with a red shirt. It might have been that moment when my mother was thinking about giving me up for adoption or something.

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In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? It does, for sure. If I am lazy or in a bad mood I won't dress up at all or I would wear something very casual. If I am feeling good I put way much more effort into my look. But I guess that's quite standard.

Key item for this season? Big shoulders (we are not done with them), Vichy squares, waist belts and outdoor details like cargo pants or skirts, sporty trench coats or nylon anoraks.

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What trends and colours do you believe in for ss17? Pink, neon and khaki.

Flats or heels? Can I take both with me? Please. 

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Favorite item in your closet? Changes like the weather. Right now a coat from Loewe.


Any Hamburg tips for travellers? Top 3 things top do in Hamburg? 1. Come in the summer which is a gap of approximately 4 days in the year. 2. Eat breakfast at Café Paris, a restaurant in the city center in art nouveau style 3. Go to the Elbe beach for the day, feels like taking a little holiday within the city 4. Book a ticket for a concert in the Elbphilharmonie, our new concert hall. Even the building itself is impressive to watch, designed by Pierre de Meuron and Jacques Herzog.

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Must visit store in Hamburg? Apropos Store, Petra Teufel, Alsterhaus.

Any German designers to watch? Well not any new ones to speak of. But of course Marina Hoermanseder is always a good one or William Fan.