Who: Maison Ravn Paris

What: Handcrafted one of a kind designerbags made in Paris

Where: Paris

Kate Moss is already a fan- and this month the norwegian designer just got to sell her bags at Colette in Paris.  See the new campaign from Maison Ravn Paris and read more about the norwegian designer here and how she`s been inspired by the light and darkness up north.

PARIS Envelope by Celine Aagaard


Tell us about your inspiration for this Season.

The new collection is very much inspired of graphics from the 80’s, with playfull colours. Orange, violet, green and red, and a collection called Cosmic. It`s all about stars, galaxys, shiny and dark colours.


How did you get your bags in at Colette?

I was lucky to get an appointment with Sarah from Colette on a wednesday and Friday the were in the shop. I presented her a large choice and I was impressed how instinctively she works, she picked out immedietly my 4 favourites and asked when I could deliver and of course I said tomorrow! She added the totebag to her choice when she saw mine as I had forgot to present it to her. For the Valentines collection I was lucky to meet Madame Colette herself, who had the same confidence in her choice.


Are all bags one of a kind?

Maison Ravn is about « piece unique », and it`s our Mantra never to do 2 bags alike, it´s everything we believe in. So your Maison Ravn bag will always just be the only one!


Your Maison Ravn bag will always just be the only one!


What`s in your everyday bag?I carry around so much, but the 2 musts are my Thierry Lasry sunglasses, and Dior lipglow, then surely you will find my notebook gifted from my little boy to write down all the things I should not forget. Oribe Dry shampoo in travel size to keep my hair going, my 2 iphones, 4 polaroids of my kids, lots of receipts, vitamin C and my passport in case I need to go!


How do you style your bags?

During the day as I move around a lot I have my big Ravn with a broad cross over chain, its just so practical. At night when I travel I use the same Ravn as a clutch, if I have no time to go home to change, but most of the time I will have a baby Ravn for the night as a clutch. The totebag also often compliments my baby Ravn when I need to carry along my computer and stuff.


How would you say your Norwegian background inspires you?

My Norwegian background is very present in everything I do. Growing up in the northen parts of Norway, the light and darkness has influenced me a lot, and I would say that the strong contrasts in my work and creations comes from there. The Scandinavian design in general such as keeping things basic and clean with nobel materials definetely plays a role as well.


One of the first campaign shots from Maison Ravn.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-11 kl. 10.14.50
Skjermbilde 2017-03-11 kl. 10.14.37
Skjermbilde 2017-03-11 kl. 10.32.22