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He might be an outsider, but works for Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Net-A-Porter and Marie Claire. Meet Diego Zuko.

Who Diego Zuko | The Outsider

What: Photographer

Where: New York

Camera: Canon 1Dx


Clients: Harpers Bazaar, Maybelline, Elle, Marie Claire, Net-a-Porter, Asos, Editorialist, Gala, Glamour 

Where are you Based? New York, but traveling most of the time.

What do you look for In a good picture? It could be several things, a great look, some spontaneous moment, epic light, nice background, or the combination of these. 

Favorite People to photograph right now? The Italian bloggers are always fun, top models such as Stella Maxwell, Gigi H, Taylor Hill, Daria S outside the big shows, and people who work in fashion with amazing style such as Giovanna Battaglia, Caroline de Maigret, Leandra Medine, Martha Graeff or Veronika Heilbrunner.

Any personal favorites? My favorite model right now is Ophelie Guillermand. A model that I don't see often but has amazing style is Janice Alida. Yoyo Cao is a girl I also enjoy shooting lately.

In what way do you think Scandinavia/Scandi girls is interesting? Im in love with Scandinavia. It has the best minimal, simple and beautiful design I've seen, not only in fashion but in everything they make. Girls have a laid back but refined style that I really like, and people are just gorgeous.

Do Scandi People dress different? They definitely have their own thing going on.

Any tip for an unknown person to get the photographers attention during fashion week? Just try to be yourself. Don't try to hard, if you have attitude and great style photographers will notice you.

What makes a good picture? And what makes not. I think it all depends on what the photographer, magazine or reader are looking for. A good or bad picture is very subjective. I think 'good pictures' have a fashion on their own. It used to be something, but it's organic and changing all the time. But if I have to say something, a person with great style, a nice background and an epic light always help to make a picture stand out. 

When did you start to shoot fashion? 8 years ago back in Argentina. I use to work with a big photographer back there, I came to NY and ended up in streetstyle although I never planned it. It was the best thing that happened to me. What is style for you? Being authentic and true to yourself. You should look around to get some inspiration, to see what's happening, and then introducing those elements in your own style language.

You shoot for Harpers Bazaar - for how long have you been shooting for them.? 4 years now.

Whats Your highlight In Your carrier? I get new highlights all the time, I tend to look forward. But as I said before, getting into streetstyle was the best thing that happened to me. I met so many people, traveled so much, got to see some of the best fashion shows in the world, its just amazing.

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Diego lives in New York, and travels around the world to take pictures from Harpers Bazaar, Maybelline, Elle, Marie Claire, Net-a-Porter, Asos, Editorialist, Gala and Glamour.


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