My Style: Meet Selina Ekra Sei

Who? Selina Ekra Sei

What? Student at Borups Højskole

Where? Copenhagen, Denmark

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- My mood affects my outfit more than a dress code. Selina Ekra Sei is one cool norwegian girl in Copenhagen to watch. Read the interview with Selina here, check out what trends and colours our journalist believes in for this winter and get the insiders travel tips to Copenhagen.

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Your style is unique, what is style to you? I think style is all about time and feelings. You can express feelings through colours, shape, and even fabric. In the outfits I make and imagine I always have a goal for an expression which involves feelings. Whether it is to feel powerful, laidback or extra chic. Style can even be fiction where we dress like people we want to be. To me style visualizes feelings and stories.


What do you never wear? I never wear something that shows legs over my knees, a deep neckline and naked arms at the same time. A simple rule, I would feel way too undressed.


When did your interest for fashion start? I guess I have always had an eye for expression through clothes. From a young age it started out as presentation. If it was up to me as a little girl I would dress my whole family before going out. I always used to style my two older brothers and their friends when they were heading out to their first teenage parties. I became quite a popular young stylist at the time, haha. Now I´am looking forward to push my limits and 
experiment more.


In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? My mood is totally crucial. Quite frankly it affects my outfit more than a dress code. I need to be in the spirit, and if not – it just won’t happen.


Your key items for winter? Definitely turtleneck! Turtleneck is an item I find very sexy and at the same time extremely smart in this cold weather – a win win situation.

How to do the perfect layering? I guess the Scandinavian people have become professionals in layering – obviously because it’s so cold, so we kind of have a lot of experience. It’s about making the layering look more practical then wearing one item. My rule is simple; the pieces need to bring an intention to the whole outfit. 

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If you have to choose only 5 items in your closet- what would that be? I’m a sunglass kind of girl, so I would need my black Céline and Quai shades. My leopard blazer and patterned silver pumps from the costume sale at the Opera house in Oslo. And at last but not least, my extremely flared mermaid pants from Zara. My list only means that I need to save up for my dream purse.


Sneakers or heels? In a world where high heels never got painful - no doubt the heels for longer legs. But that’s just not the reality, so I prefer a pair of cool flats with just a little height.

Where do you get your coffee in Copenhagen? Maude’s is where I get my favourite coffee and tea! They also have fabulous breakfast and sweets. I recommend booking a table.

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What trends and colours do you believe in for this winter? I definitely believe in midi skirts and the extra-long sleeves, which makes a cool combination. I also think the culottes pants are super chick. My favourite fabric at the moment is velour, especially in the colours riverside blue and mustard yellow. I would wear it and buy it as interior!

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Must visit store in Copenhagen? & Other Stories is a store where I never come empty handed out of. For second hand treasures I recommend Studio Travel shop.

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One Danish designer to watch?  Mark Kenly Domino Tan have become forever my favourite Danish designer.


Where to eat out in Copenhagen? A perfect spot to go with friends must be Papirøen. They got the most exciting street food. For a fancier dining I would pick the Indian Restaurant, Guru. The most tasteful dishes, loveliest atmosphere and the best cocktails – my favourite place!

Copenhagen tips for travellers. Rent a bike! Riding a bicycle is the best way to get around town. Whether you're going on a romantic trip, or just with friends. A bike will give you all the benefits of the city.

Where would you recommend people to visit in Copenhagen? Louisiana is a museum in Copenhagen with the coolest architecture and collections. It lies in remarkable surroundings near the sea, which gives you the best views during your lunch in the museums café. They say the artists feel at home there, and so does the visitors. A pure must!


Where do you collect your inspiration? Time is a very interesting inspiration source. I can probably pick out some favourite trends from every century. But of course I follow and admire a lot of designers and stylists from today. To me Instagram is an easy and fresh way to keep up with my favourite people. At the moment I’m obsessed with Angela Pham (@phamgela) and Solange Knowles (@saintcords). They are professionals at visualizing feelings and stories trough outfits.