Interview: Vibe Harsløf

WHO: Vibe Harsløf

WHAT: Jewelry designer at

BACKGROUND: trained goldsmith

LOCATED: Denmark

How to wear your jewellery this summer in an effortless cool way?

Envelope met up with designer Vibe Harsløf in Copenhagen- be inspired by the cool campaign pictures starring danish it-model Emma Leth.

Tell us shortly the "Story" behind the brand.

For a couple of years I worked with Pilgrim, a large Danish fashion jewelry company creating an independent sub-line for them called FAFAFA – I more or less had free hands to create my vision of an edgy and contemporary jewelry brand. When the financial crisis hit, it was shut down and it felt natural to continue the same concept in my own name. It started out very low key – it was very important to me, continuing in my pace and one step at the time, without forcing anything- it is more or less the same way I still work - slow and steady.

Do you remember your your first jewellery from your childhood?

I have 2 pieces, both pendants and both from my grandfather, that are very precious to me, one is a tiny porcelain heart-shaped perfume container with a handpainted picture of a girl on a swing which -the story is that he found it as a child and kept it, the second is a tiny glass amulet he brought back from Columbia as a young man; one side is a red bird and the other side is a peacock – both birds are made of tiny feathers 

In what way has your background inspired you?

I am out of a family with a lot of very strong and independent women who has set great examples and on top of that my parents have always been super supportive.

What else inspires your design?

As my jewelry very often are metal lines that accentuate different body parts, I obviously look a lot at the body and get inspired by using it as a canvas to “drape” metal on. But the initial inspiration can be found everywhere- a piece of a conversation I overhear, an image, piece of jewelry literally anything. To me it is more about getting into a flow where every idea leads to new ones.

What piece was the first you made?

Animals in Perspex – very colorful and figurative

How does your jewellery reflect your personal style?

To me it is very important, that I want the wear the jewelry I design myself, if it doesn’t appeal to me personally, it loses its eligibility to me- so I guess it is very closely connected. My personal style is rather low key- a mix of classic ladylike and casual/sporty.

What was that the initial idea of your brand?

Not really sure if I had one, I just had an urge to express myself and do it my way, so I feel very fortunate that people like and buy my work.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to see wearing your jewellery?

I would love to see it on Tilda Swinton or FKA Twigs, they are both the quintessence of cool in very different and personal ways – Charlotte Gainsbourg would definitely be an honor too, as she very rarely wears jewelry.

What is style to you?

Style doesn’t equal fashion to me. The People I find stylish, all have a very personal take on what they wear which shows in their confidence.

How do you stack your jewellery?

My selection is a mix of favorite pieces and samples I wear for testing. I like to mix gold and silver, stones and pearls all together – at the moment I am into necklaces and wear a few at the same time 

What trends do you believe in for AW16?

I think the pearls will stay but mixed with colored stones, the necklaces will be longer and statement earrings will stay.

3 keypieces for fall?

My champagne whisker necklace or the cigaretholder necklace combined with a handbrace and footlet paired with heels,worn jeans and a sweatshirt – and you are set for any party.

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