Interview: Photographer Ida Fiskaa

Who:: Ida-Marie Fiskaa

What: Fashion photographer, educated from The Norwegian School of Photography

Where: Copenhagen

Camera: Canon eos 6D


Published/Clients: HYMEN magazine, Anna of The North, Fora Form, HAiK w/ us, Wonderland Magazine, NYLON, mon Dieu, Costume Norway, REVS mag, Envelope, Nasty Magazine.

- I’ve always been interested in fashion, but didn't realize it before I connected it with photography. As a young girl she would dress up her friends and make "Fashion stories" with help from her digital camera. We met the talented fashion photographer, Ida Fiskaa, who is now climbing up in the business.  

COPENHAGEN Envelope by Selina Ekra Sei


When did you get your first camera, and what kind of camera was it? The first camera I  got  was my family’s.  I was 9 years-old. But the first real camera I owned was a small digital camera when I was about 12. Then I bought my first DSLR camera, Nikon D40, right after my confirmation.


How did your interest in photography start? I remember I used to look at all the pictures in magazines and books because the text didn't really interest me that much. I always found pictures that I could relate to. Studying the pictures made so much more sense to me than reading the text - and it still does.  



Where does the fascination for shooting fashion come from? I started taking portraits of some of my friends, and it developed into me wanting to dress them up and make small «fashion» stories. I guess I’ve always been interested in fashion, but didn't realize it before I connected it with photography. I always loved to dress up my models the way I really wanted to dress myself.  

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What was the first picture you got published and where? The first picture I got published was actually from one of my first fashion shoots when I was about 15 years-old. A really amateur shoot, but I must admit that there was something charming about it. It was a close-up portrait of a friend of mine, with blue eye-makeup and really bad editing. I sent it to a contest in a Norwegian magazine called «Digital Foto», where I ended up in second place. My photo got published in their next issue and I won a portable battery charger - remember I got so excited! But the first serious publication was for a online magazine called FIN Magazine, and my first publication on print was for HYMEN magazine.


What makes a great photo? And what makes not. I don’t really think there is a right or wrong answer to that. It depends on the eye that sees it. The aesthetics and the technical part of photography has something to say of course. But mostly I think that people's preference and taste will be dominating for an opinion.

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Who is your dream model right now? I think I’ll have to say Willow Smith! I just love her looks and cool vibe. She is so diverse and special, so I definitely think I could shoot some pretty cool pictures of her. Lily-Rose Depp would also be interesting to shoot.

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Whats your highlight in your career so far? I don’t think I’ve had a highlight yet. I’m still very new at this career thing and I have so many things I want to achieve. So far I guess photographing Anna of The North and getting the picture of her published in Costume Norway, as well as winning bronze in the category «fashion» at Gullsnitt 2015 must be the two biggest highlights.


What do you look for in a good picture? Aesthetics is essential. Not to mention the importance of light. Light can really make or break a good picture in my opinion. A picture also has to tell something and evoke feelings for me to find it interesting. 

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What inspires you the most? I get inspired by things I can relate to. I always come up with a title for all my fashion series before I shoot them based on experiences and relations I’ve had. I also get really inspired when I have a lot of things going on. Being busy is my drive.