Natural, sexy or androgynous?

The natural, the statement, the androgynous or the feminin? Envelope asked some of the most profiled beauty experts in Norway to predict 2016.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard


Ag Starheim, hair stylist, makeup-artist and Founder of AGs Hage

What beauty trends do you believe in for 2016? We`ll see what the artists brings along with all the fashionweeks going on around the world. But there is always the natural, the statement, the androgynous and the feminin. Luckily there is always something for everybody. I scream highest for glow, sexy eyes and kissable mouth- never to worry about your lipstick getting all smooched. Relaxed, sexy and confident.

What color palette would you go for this spring for eyes? If my life was a catwalk I`d walk around with some insanely awsome makeup inspired by the Givanchy face jewelry from fall 2015. But, oh, you know- the brown pallet is probably more what my life looks like. Let`s swop the black with the darker blues- with and without shine, add some green to make it beryl.

Nude or shiny lips? If I had to choose one. Nude. Like you`re totally out of it if you don`t wear anything on your lips? I could always have the shiny one in my bag.

Do you have a secret beauty tips you would like to share? If it`s that secret it probably should stay secret.

The less secret ones: Sleep well, drink lemon water with D3 vitamins every morning, eat fat, stay in the shadow, peel and ad loads of moisture to your skin. Put away the iPhone, love the one that loves you without the makeup, lash-extensions and the push-in-and push-ups, and have fun together with it. That`ll make you shine.


Marthe Hesvik Norheim, official makeup artist for Maybelline New York

What beauty trends do you believe in for 2016 - I really believe in the vampy red, brown and burgundy lips. Either dapped on with the finger or drawn, this is a stunning look. It suits most of us and ist awesome to match it with big flawless brows and bare eyes. I also think eyeliner in different shapes and boldness is a go to party look for many people in 2016 and I think we`re gonna see more to pink and blue... I feel like lashes are big too. When it comes to hair I believe curls are back and in a very undone way. I think I`m safe to say that we should all feel the 70`s and 80`s vibes this year. As for skincare I feel like more and more people are caring about getting that perfekt glow, so I think facial oils are here to stay.

What color palett would you go for this spring for eyes? If you wanna be really up to date you should were either a light pink shadow, a baby blue eyeliner or go the other direction and wear a darker, more grunge inspired look. Black eyeliner on your waterline and some mascara - and there you go! I think its fun to see those kinds of looks in spring time, that it doesn`t have t be all cutie cute just because the sun is up. As for the ones wanting to be a little more subtle but still feel trendy you could just use your highlighter and sun powder to create a fresh and simple look. The sun powder is perfect to create some depth on your eyelids.

Nude or shiny lips? Im feeling oils this season, and that includes the lips. But it should be nice and natural, not like a thick gloss.

Do you have a secret beauty tips you like to share? In summertime, use your lip balm or a drop of oil as a highlighter on your cheekbones. It looks really nice!


Pia Ruud, Make-up artist

What beauty trends do you believe in for 2016  We see more natural looks, Perfect base that looks fresh with rich natural brows.

What color palett would you go for this spring for eyes? If you should have eye shadow is blue color you should try that out. Eyeliner in blue or black.

Nude or shiny lips?  Nude,  natural or a fresh red or orange color.


Sara Rostrup, makeup-artist and beautyblogger at youblush

What beauty trends do you believe in for 2016

Matt lips is a huge trend right now. Blue in all shades and a graphic liner. I also think people are ready for a bit of blush again after years of sculpting and highlighting that only shapes the face, not adding a bit of glow and color.

What color palette would you go for this spring for eyes?

I will definitely embrace blue this spring. In all kinds of shades, from a wash of pastel blue eyeshadow to electric blue eyeliner and mascara. Blue was all over the catwalk this season and its such a cool alternativ to black. Navy blue mascara is also a great choice if you're afraid of the bolder blue shades. It's understated but gives a hint of something more interessting on the lashes than the classic black mascara.

Nude or shiny lips?Shiny lips. The lipgloss is back and I love the transparent version that just gives the lips the fresh glow.

Do you have any beauty secrets to share? I see so many girls matting down their beautiful, clean skin. Please don't. It's so much more fresh to give your skin a a living, dewy glow with a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer. You can always matt down the t-sone with a bit of powder, but to matt down the entire face, only takes light of your face and makes you look dry and older.


Marthe Kveli Valeberg, Make-up artist and Founder of MagMalLou

What beauty trends do you believe in for 2016?I hope and believe people dare to be a little directly inspired by make- up rides on the catwalks this year, which has been running on both sequins, glitter and beads among others. One does not need to go all in, but I think it's fun when people dare to use small elements to make a look a little more personal. This also applies to hair and nails. But the trick is to balance the elements,  so you do not end up looking like a ten year old who has gone completely bananas

What color palette would you go for this spring for eyes On the catwalk we saw particularly many different shades of blue on the eyes in the shadow, liner and glitter shape, but personally I never get tired smokey eyes that you can also add in lighter tones now the spring such as in gold, green and pink tones. On the lips winter has been typically reserved predominantly red lips, while we in our (according to the major fashion houses ) can choose between light and deep red tones throughout the spring and summer as well, or go for something llitt more typical of the breed in pink or orange.

Nude or shiny lips?Personally I have never been a fan of supershiny lips! Then you just in danger of capture everything from flies to human hair in gloss. Have you otherwise plans to kiss a frog or two to find the prince also, it is possible he jumps off relatively quickly if your lips are too sticky. Go for a matte or semi- matte lipsticks and gloss that is not too sticky.

Do you have any secret beauty tips to share?I have several tips, but to all Kim Kardashian fans tone it down! In daylight appears everything, and I notice I get embarrassed when people walk around with " Kardashian masks " where one can clearly see the difference between the light and dark regions. If you do not manage to steer away, be at least careful to dazzle all transitions, and not have too big difference between the lightest and darkest foundation cream. Otherwise my favorite tips to mix some shimmer or highlighter cream for extra glow and always use a good eyeshadow base in cream form on the lid, then shade remains long and not slipping out.