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Tommy Hilfiger #Tommynow


Who: Tommy Hilfiger

What: Tommy Now, TommyXGigi

Where: New York, Pier 16

Maritim, modern, street smart & rock`n roll. Fashion is now, and its a new era at Tommy Hilfiger. This week Tommy was breaking the old school rules of the runway. Just after the Tommy Now show for Fall 2016 and the TommyXGigi capsule collection was for sale. 

- This is the show I `ve always wanted to present. A true democratization of fashion, says Tommy Hilfiger. Envelope met a very happy Tommy Hilfiger after the show in New York. 

The collection is designed to be worn as YOU like it he says. The Gigi collection was launched during Bread & Butter in Berlin a few days before the show in New York- see the pictures here.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

The looks is available now, and for norwegian customers you will find it at Zalando.

Envelope_Look 36_tommyhilfiger
Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 27A
Envelope_Look 24
Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 23
Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 18
Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 16
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Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 04A
Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 01
Envelope_tommyhilfiger_Look 19
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