In my bag

In my bag - Nathalie Helgerud

For me it´s more like "What do you always forget in your bag, says Nathalie Helgerud when Envelope asked her to show us whats in her bag.

Who: Nathalie Helgerud

What: Sylist and blogger at

Where: Grünerløkka, Oslo

What bag do you carry? A Valentino bag bought in Puerto Banus last summer.

What bag is your favorite at the moment? Aaaah, I´m dying for a Gucci bag. The one with the monogram and flowers, you know?

What’s in your bag? Always my calendar, if not I have no clue what’s on my schedule. I don´t need to wear that much make-up, but a lipstick is always a good idea! And I have a notebook for my ideas and a book to read.

When did this bag come into your life? A very warm summer day, walking in the streets of Puerto Banús with my boyfriend.

What do you think the bag says about its owner? More than I think of, I´m more a shoe person than a bag lady. Often I just put my Visa card and my iPhone in a pocket. But I think it´s really inspiring to see ladies with nice handbags. It completes the outfit!

What do you always carry in your bag? For me it´s more like "what do you always forget in your bag", cause I always leave something behind at home. But I guess my iPhone is a big must have all the time.

What do you never bring with you? Tampongs? I always forget! Haha, difficult question.

What is the strangest thing you dragged around? I always put a lot of strange things in my bag when I clean the living room and there is nowhere to put things. I´ve accidentally walked a lot around with my remote control in my purse…

How far has your purse traveled? Hmmm. It’s been quite busy actually. It’s seen a lot of the world. From NY to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Ibiza and Marbella.

Where do the next trip go to? Hopefully New York very soon! The owner of the bag is always dying to go there ;)

Envelope by Marie Myklebostad photo: Nathalie Helgerud/Celine Aagaard


Nathalie cant leave her house without these things in her bag. When we met her at Grûnerløkka this was inside her bag. Keys, Dior shades, lipstick from YSL, liner, her iphone and clutch from By Malene Birger.


Nathalie has been travel around the world with her Valentino bag.


Nathalie Helgerud with her Valentino bag. For more inspo- vistit her blog


A notebook is a must have for the stylist.