Velvet underground

The fall will be dusty pink. Make sure to update your wardrobe with some velvet feminine keylooks.

- For us the seasons keywords are the urban feminity and the new sartorial, says  Tine Grandal, Senior Designer at Tiger of Sweden Woman. Surprisingly not- the bomber will be one key trend for both women and men this fall- but not only in traditional navy blue, armygreen or black. The bomber of the season is in velvet texture and dusty pink.

- I fancy this bomber so much, with the round construction. It refects more attitude, and edge for the independent woman, she says. Envelope met the designer at the AW16 presentation yesterday, the day after the shooting of the AW16 campaign.

-  We have had different bomber jackets in our collection for a while, but for the first time in this shape and in this color,  says Tine Grandal.

Shes always ahead, and are now working on the 2017 collection.

- Being a designer means a lot travelling to get inspired, picking elements of whats going on in the world, and going back to Stockholm to sit down and work and create, says Tine Grandal.

Read more about the color farecast and different shades of pink here - and more about the palette for fall from Theory 2016 here.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard


The dusty pink bomber from Tiger of Sweden Aw16.


Tine Grandal, Senior Designer at Tiger of Sweden Woman. f


Velvet dress in velour, aw16.

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