The ponytail

The next season is all about the ponytail. Envelope talks to hair & makeup artist Dimitris Dimitrakoudis, top hair stylist for Kerastase, and Noon Individual Hair, backstage in Berlin.

Is Ponytail the hottest trend for the next season? The low pony tail is a big thing. We did ponytails for Haute Couture in Paris too, says Dimitris Dimitrakoudis backstage at Dorothee Schumacher. 

How should the pony tail look like?We see beautiful ponytails with texture. It is an easy way to do your hair, but it should not be an out of bed ponytail.

So how can we do this at home? You should do it as you are in a hurry. If you use too much time, its not cool. To bind it up you should use your own hair, or a transparent hair band/ribbon.

What about braids? Yesterday i did hair with braids yesterday styled in 12 different looks. But you need a god friend to make a good braid.

There are also books about braiding ?  There are som good Step-by-step-guides, ant its not so hard, but you need a good friend to make a good braid. Have you seen the brads at Alexander McQueen? We spent 8 hours to find the technique, but after that it took us 25 minutes to do it.

Is their a big different between the catwalk hair and the red carpet hair?
Yes. At the red carpet the hair should fit the personality- but the catwalk hair should match what the designers has in her or his mind, says Dimitris.

And what about the makeup?
The makeup should be very light, tone in tone, and fresh with light checks, like she have been about for a run.

Where did you started your carrier? I started 20 years ago in Paris at Jacques Dessange. If i would listen to my parents I would become a dentist. Guess I was born as a hairdresser. 

Why is hair so important? Choosing the right hairstyle for a total look awakens passion and desire.  you can ruin the whole look with the wrong hairstyle. 

Whats the tendence for the upcomming season?There is a strong tendence of beautiful, healthy looking hair, structure, volume, ponytales, up-dos, braids and longer hair-simple layered hair. 

Whats up for you next?
I go to London, Paris, Milan and New York, says the Hamburg-based hair stylist.


Its all about the the pony tail says, hairstylist Dimtitri.


Envelope backstage at Dorothee Schumacher.

Photo: Celine Aagaard


Dimitri knows how to do it, and works on the last finish before the lookbook is taken- before the show.


Prepping the models hair before the show. 

DOROTHEE SCHUMACHER_SpringSummer2016_Backstage08 4

Backstage at Dorothee Schumacher.


Dimitis started his carreer in Paris.

- If I  would listen to my parents I would become a dentist. Guess Im born as a hairdresser. Envelope met Dimitris during Berlin Fashion Week. 


Ponytail styling by Dimitris.