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Watch made of destructed illegal firearms and recycled materials


Watch out for this watch. It's time for peace.

Stockholm based watch brand TRIWA has developed a new designer watch made from destructed illegal firearms and recycled plastic. 

The watch is filled with symbolic references with respect to the cause, such as the punched indexes on the dial and the fiery red second hand date and crown. Each TRIWA X Humanium Metal watch is an unique object. It comes with an army green canvas strap made out of recycled plastic or leather in an assortment of colors. The watches are unisex, comes in two sizes and are waterproof.

Human Metal increases the socio-economic and political security for people living in areas affected by high levels of violence. It inspires consumers, businesses and authorities to join hands to find a solution to one of the worlds greatest problems.

This watch is a seriously killer - New York Post wrote. So watch out for this watch. It's already on our wishlist for Christmas.

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Triwa x Humanium metal in brown leather

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Designer watch made from destructed illegal firearm.

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The army green edition has straps made of recycled plastic. 

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The Triwa watches are unisex and comes in two sizes, 39 and 34 mm.