Where to eat vegan and ecologic lunch in Berlin


Who: Kantini

What: Foodmarket

Where: Bikini Berlin, Budapester Strasse 38-50, Berlin, Germany

When: Open from 10-22

Looking for a healthy, nice place to eat while shopping?

Kantini foodmarket at legendary Bikini Berlin is the place to go. With panoramic windows, an amazing view, and delicate food from around the world you can to sit down and watch the garden and zoo while eating,  or grab some healthy organic dishes on your way home from a busy day in town. You can put your dish together from a variety of options.  Bikini Berlin merching the past and the future. A historical testimony in the heart of the city of Berlin.

BERLIN Celine Aagaard

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Kantini foodmarket opened this january, 2018 at Bikini Berlin, and is located in the West part of the city next to the zoo.


Kantini is one of the first design food courts in Europe, equipped with 13 food stalls.


The foodmarket is located in the 2.nd floor, next to the art space where Banksy recently had an exhibition. The floor also includes a very nice bar area.


The interior is inspired by California, La and Miami with Art Deco - vibes and interior in pastel colors, by Studio Aisslinger. The zoo has also been a huge inspiration for the interior at Kantini.


The plates are in all different shapes and colors, so is the food. You can put your dish together from a variety of healthy options.  Mexican, Italian, greek, Lebanese, French, German and From spicy to sweet.


Vegan options, low carb, gluten free and vegan. You have all options at Kantini.


You can sit down for a fresh green juice or acai bowl, at one of the pop-ups at Bikini, og bring your food with you while you are shopping.

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The hummus plate from djimalaya is a culinary experience. A must have.


At Frai you can order Paleo, Keto and vegan-plates. They also offer salmon on greens, Gluten-free toasts and smoothie bowls.


There are also pop-ups at Bikini Berlin, where you will find places to buy fresh green juices and flowers.

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