Must visit in Berlin

Are you looking for pure green juices, organic salads and vegan superfood? Daluma is the place. This heatlhy cafè and restaurant in Berlin provides pure raw food and superfood from 8 i the morning untill 9 pm every day, and from 10 every Saturday and Sunday. They serve breakfast, lunch, cold pressed juice eating in or take-away, smoothies and the best acai bowls in town. Daluma is located at Rosenthaler Platz - in Weinbergsweg 3, next to Circus Hotel, Soda Books and  Gorki Apartments. Read more about the apartments here.

Grab a seat inside or enjoy the outdoor seating with a Beet box, Supergreen juice or a fresh me up!

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The menu at Daluma


The famous Acai Bowl is a perfect breakfast or lunch with Run, Forest green juice.