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Who: Theodor Gravdahl Vange

What: Design student at AHO and visionary

Where: Oslo, Norway

He’s a visionary, design student and get several upcoming projects for 2018. This week’s interview goes to the cool, Oslo smart guy, Theodor Gravdahl Vange. Get his list on who to follow on Instagram, the best Norwegian brands and other do's and don'ts in Oslo.

Read the interview about Theodor’s Style here! 

ENVELOPE by Selina Ekra Sei 


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Thanks. To me it's a creative platform, supposed to be fun and of course a way to express myself.


- Theodor here with friend, Inti Wang -

Where do you collect your inspiration? Obviously inspiration is everywhere, from history books to movies - lol. I also get alot of inspiration just by hanging out with friends. We tip each other about brands, show what we are watching on eBay and share pictures that we like on Instagram. 


When did your interest in fashion start? There was no one really fashionable nor interested in fashion around me when I was younger. My first introduction to fashion was actually through watching music videos on MTV. After watching for hours, I went to the mall and tried to recreate some of the looks I loved for as cheap as possible. 


Who’s your fashion icon and why? I don’t have any particular fashion icon, but there is a lot of queens I love and adore such as Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo.


What do you never wear? I mean, never say never but I can't with hemp wedges, lol. 


Top three favorite brands? I don't do favouritism, but right now I'm really into;

-     Prada (very excited for Prada Sport to come back)

-     Eckhaus Latta

-     Barragan

And some indie brands;

-     Annesofiemadsenstudio

-     Helena Manzano

-     Andrea Jiapei Li


In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? If I'm in a bad mood, I might dress up to feel better. It may sound superficial but it helps to look good to feel good sometimes. If I'm not happy about my outfit or feel comfortable in it, I’ll get mad, lol. 


Favorite item in your closet? Right now it's my Prada sport ski jacket.


Top three list on who to follow on Instagram? Britney Spears, Diet-Prada, Shesvague. Mentionable: Ebaybae, EveryoutfitonsatcUglydesign


Any ambitions in the fashion/art business? Terningkast 2 av Jan Thomas. 


City tips for travelers;

What to do in Oslo on a grey day? I love grey days, the light is very nice. Take a walk in some park, any park is good. Pet some dogs, any type of dog is good. Drink something hot, anywhere is good. Wear something cute, anything is cute. Look at art, all the art is art.

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Going out to eat? There’s popping up new restaurants everywhere and it’s impossible to keep it up. I usually follow along with friends that knows about the good good places. But I love the pizza at Lofthuset (Kunstnernes hus and Torsov), Babylon at St. Olavs Plass is cute. 

Local designers to watch? My bf Karine Næss working on a very interesting project that I'm really looking forward to see. I also like Elnaz Gargari a lot, excited to follow her. 

Also the best of the obvious; Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, Haik w/, Michael Olestad, Admir Batlak and Bror august.