INTERVIEW: Meet Anders Gran

Who: Anders Gran

What: Model and instagram cool boy

Where: @anders_gran

If you haven't already heard about him, you need to check him out. Anders Gran is Oslo's new IT-boy and with his cool tattoos and good sense of style there is no doubt why. Read our interview and get to know him better here.

ENVELOPE by Lotte Fuhre Ellingsen


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do? My name is Anders Gran and I just turned 25, so I'm starting to become an old man. I moved from Bergen to Oslo fourteen months ago and I like it very much here.

I'm currently working as a model/influencer through IDOL LOOKS. I also have a part time job at a clothing store, mostly to have some routine in my daily life because I think that's important and I would go crazy if I didn't.


You recently walked for Tom Wood during Oslo Runway. Is modeling something you see yourself doing more of in the future? Walking for Tom Wood was a lot of fun and actually my first "catwalk". I would love walking for them again and also do more runway shows even though I don't always fulfill the height requirements. I also want to do other modeling jobs and do as many projects as I can and want to.

What is your relationship with fashion? I feel like my relationship with fashion is an endless story and it goes all the back to my childhood when I always had specific wishes for birthdays, christmas etc. It started with shoes, when I already in 5th grade wanted a pair of black and pink Nike Air Force 1 Low and since then I've been really consious about what I'm wearing both when I'm casual or more dressed up. I'm all about being original and just doing my own thing and not wearing something just because it's a trend or someone else is wearing it.


Who's the best dressed person you know about? I don't really know. No one? Or myself maybe?

 What do you typically look for when you go shopping? It depends on if I'm going to use a lot of money or not. I travel a lot and I often find a lot of cool vintage pieces. My favorite pieces are often the ones I find in weird vintage stores around the world. I also like a lot of Danish fashion/design. When I'm shopping I automatically look for pants, jackets and shoes.


How long does it take for you to get dressed in the morning? It can take me one minute or one hour. When I was younger I always planned my outfit for the next day before I went to bed, but now everything depends on my mood when I wake up. It usually doesn't take that long time, but we all have bad days where we feel like shit no matter what we're wearing, right?

What's your favorite piece in your wardrobe? Clothing is a little bit like music to me. If someone asks you what your favorite artist or song is, it's impossible to answer and that's how I feel about clothes. I like a lot of different brands, but of course not every piece from a brand suits my style. For me it's about that perfect fit. A clean black or white t-shirt, or how a pair of pants fit. A favorite for me must be one of my highwaist vintage suit pants. Never fails.


Your instagram has grown bigger and bigger the last year. Was it ever your intention to gain a lot of followers and how did you start instagram? Well, yeah, it has grown a lot, and that's really fun, but by growing bigger it also means that it's not as personal anymore. It's nothing to hide that my followers expect some type of look, both when it comes to fashion and my tattoos. Hopefully they want a mix of both.

I actually haven't been on instagram for that long. I think I started my account in 2015. I used to only have a private account, but I opened it about one year ago and since then it has only grown bigger and bigger. I don't really think it was intentionally, but I guess I just wanted to show my style and my life and people started to like it.


5 people everyone should follow on instagram? I feel like instagram has become an endless sea of fashion and cool people, and to be 100% honest I only use instagram to watch cute puppies and skating, but heres a list (of more than 5 people you should follow):

My fav bae, Annijor


Eigiliskold (an "iskold" (danish for ice cold) dog)

Cehorse (cool guy, cool tattoos)



Emili Sindlev



Your best tip for a good picture? A good picture? iPhone. Good lightning. That's it.

What's next for Anders Gran? Do you have any dreams/plans for the future? Next up for me is to do a lot more traveling, work a lot and do as much as I can. And of course enjoy a lot of food at the same time <3 #foodie