My style- Madeleine Holth

Who:Madeleine Holth (26),

What: Fashion Journalist

Where: Oslo

Shes not only street smart- but one of those smart girls. Madeleine started her career as an intern for The Sunday Times Style- now she writes and freelance for highsnobiety. Meet one of the coolest girls in the streets of Oslo.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

What is style to you? Style to me is showcasing all sides of your identity (good and bad) with garments. I respect any style shape or form as long as its executed to perfection.

Where do you collect your inspiraton?

- What inspires me is creativity and strong identities. I also do a lot of research on historical garments and find myself often looking at the past rather than the future for sartorial guidance.

How did you get into the fashion business?

- I have always been a writer, I’m always writing something and 90% of the time it ends up in the bin. I studied at London College of Fashion and interned for The Sunday Times Style. This didn’t really open any doors so to say, but what has really given me a “voice” so to say is my love for good literature and I guess, without sounding overly confident my fearless approach to the industry. I think many people look at the fashion sphere as this scary, hierarchy driven industry. I’m just not scared of it, and I think that mentality has helped me a lot. Also I have never been blinded by superficial / glossy sides of this industry. I always focus on producing a good final product that I can be proud of. This is my job, not my hobby.

When did your interrest for for street wear started?

- My love for street wear probably started at the same time I started dancing, around the age of 7. It wasn’t just my interest in hip hop culture and hip hop dance that triggered it, as a ballerina you don’t wanna wear jeans after 4 hours of intense ballet exercises. So I often found myself in hoodies, loose fitted clothes and sneakers. I had to learn how to feel beautiful in what suited my lifestyle at that point in my life.

Your key item for summer-and how do you style it?

- For summer I tend to go for Dickies short sleeve work shirts. Yang Li had one last season which was way out of my price range, but the Dickies one looks so similar. Buy it 2 sizes too big and wear it buttoned up, if it’s cold wear a long sleeved jersey underneath.

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress?

- My mood doesn’t affect the way I dress because my style doesn't really change over time. What I’m wearing on a Monday morning is also what I’ll wear on a Saturday evening - or even during fashion week. I wanna impress myself and no one else. So its safe to say that I feel just as beautiful in my sweats as anyone else feels in a dress.

Do you have any limit for what to post and what not to post on instagram?

- There are definitely some limits. I never post food or pictures that doesn't inspire me, same goes for family related pictures. Coffee scrubs and detox tea pics are my worst nightmare.  

If you have to chose 5 items in your closet-what would that be?

- My Comme Des Garcons runway dress from SS11, Comme Des Garcons skirt from AW11, Raf Simons bag, Junya Watanabe patchwork t-shirt and is it ok to say all my sneakers? - I don’t do trends. I’m lucky these days that many high-end brands are collaborating with sportswear brands on capsule collections. I’m looking forward to the Craig Green x Bjørn Borg collaboration and getting my No Vacancy Inn t-shirt.

What to do in Oslo

Where do you get your coffee in Oslo? I get my coffee preferably sitting down i Den Franske Sal, Nasjonalgalleriet.

Where to eat? I don’t eat a lot in restaurants, simply because I prefer a new pair of shoes over a fancy meal. So make it cheap and fun and grab a burger at Munchies.

Where would you recommend people to visist in Oslo? Everyone should visit Ekeberg parken. A quick ride on the tram from the city center and you can walk quietly in the woods overlooking the busy city life while breathing fresh air and the best part is that you’re surrounded by art.

Must visit store? Everyone must visit F5 Concept Store. If you’re looking for something truly Norwegian, you’ll find it there


Madeleine snapped by le21eme for Wmag during Oslo Runway.


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Madeleine shot by Martine Stenberg.


In one of her favorite Comme des Garcons items.


Madeleine latest article for highsnobiety.