He believes in light blue and orange- and welcomes back the onepiece. Meet Jens Schwartz, Founder of SchwARTz and P&J and Stylist for Thomas Hayes and Tarjei Sandvik Moe.

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Envelope by Celine Aagaard


Good morning, Jens. What did you get for Christmas?

I got som really nice things this year. I got to see "A swan Lake" by Alexandr Ekman earlier this year as my Christmas gift from my mom, and a dinner table from my stepmom and dad. And I got this ring from Pontus. 


Oh. Lucky. Ring? Is it an engagement ring? 

Hehe. Thank you. A relationship ring- we are note engaged jet.


I also got a pair of Timberland. I always wear a beanie or a hat when its cold, and this black beanie is my favorite.


What are you doing now?

Im enjoying my breakfast and watching my favourite movie OME ALONE.

Can you show us your plate?


Show us an instagram picture from one proud moment this year.

This is one of those moments. From P3 GULL.


What trends do you believe in for 2017?

When it comes to trends I believe that we will see more of the cropped, more loose and relaxed fit pant. I think and i really hope we will see more of the onesie- jumpsuit for men this season. They come in all different fabrics, colors and patterns- With a pair of cool sneakers every guy will rock it.


And colors?

When it comes to colors I believe in neon colors. Ligh blue, orange and aqua green. We have seen a lof of different shades of green. This year I believe in orange and blue.

I also hope that the kimono will be as importat for men as for women this year.


Im getting ready for a new season  with this moodboard.


And a selfie please...

Here you go.

Thank you so much,

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year, see you in 2017.