WHO: Young Karin

WHAT: Instagrammer and singer

WHERE: Reykjavik, Iceland

INSTAGRAM: @yngkarin

- I dont like wearing normal clothes!

Icelandic cool cat Karin Sveinsdottir aka Young Karin works in a vintage store and has always used clothes as a way to express herself. Get to know  Karin better and read her best tips for travellers in Reykjavik.

ENVELOPE by Lotte Fuhre Ellingsen


Tell us a little bit about yourself - My name is Karin and im 21 years old. I’m born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. I work at a vintage store called Spúútnik located downtown Reykjavík. I'm also a singer and my artist name is Young Karin. I just started working on new stuff after a one year pause. 


What is your relationship with fashion? My sister kind of introduced me to fashion when I was very young. She is two years older than me, so most of the time I invaded her closet. She taught me a lot about trends and how to be unique and blending your style. In Iceland there aren't a lot of people, so its very easy to stand out and be different. I have always expressed myself through clothes.

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Describe your own style - I feel it kind of hard to describe my style. I dont like wearing normal clothes much, so my closet contains a lot of statement pieces, a mix of edgy and some romantic garments plus some streetwear. 


Where do you get your inspiration from? Mostly from people around me and also online on Pinterest and Instagram. I love checking out cool gals like Ganna Bogdan, Gilda Ambrosio, Emili Sindlev and Veneda Budny on instagram.


If you could only buy one new piece this fall, what would it be? Saks Potts fur jacket. 

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Favorite piece in your wardrobe? Orange faux fur jacket I bought in Spúútnik. Lately I’ve been obsessed with orange and have been looking for the perfect faux fur so it is my favorite at the moment.


What's one beauty product you can not live without? St Tropez bronzing mousse. We don't get a lot of sun here in Iceland so it's necessary especially in the winter time. 


Any tips for people traveling to Reykjavik? I would recommend to rent a car and drive around by yourself in around the country and go to the geothermal nature pools. Downtown Reykjavík is the best for all kinds of restaurants and stores. Stop by at Spúútnik if you like cool vintage stuff and go to Húrra Reykjavík if you like sneakers and streetwear.

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