What to buy vintage?

A sparkling dress with shoulderpads, a pair of Levis 501 or just another band T-shirt? Envelope talks style with queen of vintage- Åsa Formark- the owner of Velouria Vintage, at Grünerløkka in Oslo. 

Who:Åsa Formark

What: Owner /Velouria Vintage

Instagram: @velouriavintage


- The luxury bag display is like a magnet on girls and people seem to look back to 90's at the moment, says Åsa Formark. Her good taste of style and forecast for whats trending out there has made Velouria Vintage, a hit, not only for norwegians, but for tourists and visting celebs and rockstars.  

What is the vintage must have for the season? The fringe jacket is definately one of the most sought after items. Denim is an all time favourite that always feels relevant, both 501's and flares. Cashmere sweaters is also a must during winter. Since party season is coming up I would also say some sequines and maybe a one of kind dress. It's always a good idea to stand out at a Christmas party.

What do you look for when you buy vintage? I believe a vintage store must have a personality. So we look for all the unique pieces that can make an impression and create a wow-factor for our customers. It could be a delicate vintage Valentino dress, the 70's fringe jacket, or a great piece from the crazy 80's. In addition to statement pieces we always look for the great basics, like denim, cashmere sweaters, silk blouses etc. Quality is key, and it's all about fantastic fabrics and craftmanship. We're also into finding sportsmerch, college sweaters and rockshirts. It's such a big part of our culture and we want that represented in the store. It's all about creating a balance in the store, so it's a constant hunt to fullfill our vision. Since we also buy according to trend it's important for us to be on target, and try to find out what's the "big thing" every season. And of course, we always look for Chanel bags.

Vintage band T-shirts seams to be a classic- what bands are the most selling? Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd , AC/DC , in short the bands that trancends generations with their unique musicality and that constanly attracts new listners. In addition people seem to look back to 90's at the moment, so anything grunge works. and most unique? Some bands are bigger on merch than others. It's always a thrill when we find rarities like orginal tee's from 80's Sunset Strip bands. And of course early rap shirts like Tupac, Notorius B.I.G are all time favourites.

What kind of jacket and coat should we go for this fall? This fall I'm sticking with fake fur, a mens coat, and a 50's ladylike coat. Let's face it you don't survive in Norway without a fake fur, the mens coat is perfect for everyday use and the 50's coat gives such a nice silhouette if you mix it up in a rock'n'roll way.

And shoes? pumps or military boots? Impossible choice. I would wear the army boots and have the pumps in my tote. That way I could make a quick shift. However, at gunpoint I would go for pumps. It's the most versatile choice.

You also sell luxury and designer clothes in your store- What do your customers want? The luxury bag display is like a magnet on girls. The big dream for most women seem to be a Chanel classic flap. Louis Vuitton has really regained popularity, and people love anything monogram from the brand.In general people seem to love a timeless piece when they invest in luxury items. This goes for both clothing and bags. So a Chanel jacket is always a hit, just like a scarf or bracelet from Hermes will do the trick. People tend to look for the most well know haute couture houses, in addition to the brands already mentioned of course Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Dior and YSL. (Saint Laurent)

How would you style sequins for the christmas party? Sequins can be overpowering, so I always try to mix it up. Take a sequin top, a pair of boyfriend jeans and some killer heels and you're good to go. It's definitely one of my go to party outfits. If the occasion requires something else than jeans I would switch it up with a pair of leather pants or a pencil skirt. But let the sequins do the work. Keep everyting else simple! Right now I'm in love with all the metallic fabrics that we see. There's nothing like good old fashioned Lurex! It's definitely something you can wear head to toe, either as a jumpsuit or super cool as a two piece. It's the ultimate disco feel and brings you straight back to Studio 54 and Bianca Jagger.

How to style a pair of vintage jeans? Rock shirt, blazer and ankle boots is the simplest way to do a pair of 501's. It's what I end up with most of the time. If it's a pair of vintage flares I would keep the rock shirt and add a kimono. I love denim on denim so a denim shirt always works. And another favourite is the turtleneck for that 70's feel.

When did your passion for vintage start? My grandmother was this amazing woman who was always impeccably dressed. Needless to say she had an amazing wardrobe. So my early interest must come from digging into her wardrobe, or maybe just from watching her. Later, I have always loved the treasure hunt that follows with vintage, so whereever I've lived or travelled, my fix has been to hit the local vintage stores in seach for that magic must-have piece.

Forecast: What trends do you believe in for 2016? We'll probably linger a bit longer in the aestetics of the 70's. There will still be a lot of fringes and flares. I also think that sheer blouses and ruffles will be in demand. I don't think we're quite done with the 90's yet, so the spaghetti dress is probably still on for next summer. Of course denim on denim still feels right, and I think everybody will own something metallic. 

Velouria Vintage is located in Thorvald Meyers gate 34, 0555 Oslo - open from monday till sunday monday-friday 11-19 ( saturday 11-18 & sunday 12-18)

Envelope by Celine Aagaard


Jeans heaven at Velouria vintage.

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Luxury on a budget. Louis Vuitton bucket bags and backpacks from Velouria Vintage.

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It's all about creating a balance in the store, so it's a constant hunt to fullfill our vision. Photo: Johanna Siring


Queen of vintage, owner Åsa Formark talks vintage treasures and styling with


It's always a thrill when we find rarities like orginal tee's from 80's Sunset Strip bands, says owner of Veloria vintage in Oslo, Åsa Formark.  Photo: Johanna Siring


The luxury bag display is like a magnet on girls, and every one crave for a Chanel. Photo: Johanna Siring