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Who? Amalie Rose

What? Fashion Week

Where? Copenhagen, Denmark 

Coffee? Black, no sugar

Instagram: amalierose

In between the rush during Copenhagen Fashion Week we met up with the cool model, Amalie Rose over a coffee. Her edgy look have made a statement in the Danish modelling marked – watch out for this girl! Amalie is not just a model, but a character as she describe. Read her view on fashion and get the insider to her world. 

COPENHAGEN Envelope by Selina Ekra Sei

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Your style is unique, what is style to you? I have always loved to dress up and I especially love to create a character through style. I wear what I feel like. It's the way I can express myself. I am following my own impulse despite what other people think – witch I work with continuously.


Where do you collect your inspiration? I collect inspiration from everywhere, but especially from the nature. I have always been fascinated by birds and the colours in nature. I have a book at home with pictures of stunning birds. I really admire the colours and shapes the earth has made. 

When did your interest for fashion start? When I was a little girl, about the age at four. Since I was a little girl I have always been interested in the perfect ideal. I used to dress up my barbie dolls, but I would never really play with them. After dressing them up I would just sit and admire them. 


In what way would you say that living in Copenhagen reflect your style (if it does)? It doesn't :)

What do you never wear? It's maybe weird, because it's a classic item, but blue jeans.


In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? It does a 100%. I dress the way I feel. It depends on my latest inspiration and mood of which character I'd like to be on that certain day. 

Key item for this season? Pink fur. 


What trends and colours do you believe in for ss17? I don't really follow trends. I kind of try to avoid them because they changes so fast that it confuses me, haha... It would be more inspiring and interesting if people would dare to created there OWN character! You know – not just follow trends or feel the urge to buy the IT bag or jacket. 

Must visit store in Copenhagen? My favourite store is “Times up vintage”! 


Flats or heels? Heels! I wish I was better to wear heels, but I often end up in flats. It feels very attention seeking to wear heels in CPH I think... you know? But I'm trying hard to really don't care and worry about other peoples opinion.

Favourite item in your closet? The pink fur I haven't bought yet!


How did you get into the modelling business? I were scouted the first time when I was thirteen years old. I have always been captured by the fashion world and always looked up to the models in the fashion magazines.


Do you prefer catwalk or photo-shoots? Difficult question, because it's two very different things. Catwalk is thirty seconds of adrenalin. It gives me a rush and a kick like no other thing. Photo-shoot is more of a relaxed setup where you get to know other people on set. But catwalk definitely gives me the wildest rush. 

What's your highlight in your career so far? Without thinking about one specific moment, for me it would be finding my way into the Street Cast. It has opened a lot of doors and I'm getting the opportunity to be a model with personality. People know me now not just as the model, but a model with personality. 


Favourite fashion shoot? My first job trough Street Cast was for Danish magazine. It's my favourite shoot because for the first time I really got to be the character I wanted to be trough my work.

Dream designer to walk for? Of course I dream about walking for the high fashion brands internationally, but at the moment all I can think off is that I want to design clothes myself. To be totally ego it would be cool to to pose and walk with my own clothes. Maybe in the future!