Le Labo

Who: Le Labo

What: Unique hand made vegan parfume

Where: Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles

Are you tired of all the classic fragrances from the luxury designer brands? Next time youre out travelling to Paris, Tokyo, New York or LA you should go get your personal vegan parfume.

- The world has changed in the last 10 years, back then, there was a very little choice in perfumery for someone who was tired of the marketing tricks played by the designer brands and wanted to wear a great, spectacular, creative perfume. We wanted to propose an alternative - in the perfume itself, but also by sharing the backstage of perfume creation sharing the craftsmanship behind a true fine fragrance, Say Frabrice Penot at Le Labo.

They launched their first boutique in Nolita, NYC on 2006. Now Le Labo has 12 boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Each parfume and candles are vegan and compounded by hand.

- At Le Labo, we freshly compound each bottle of one's choice from our existing collection in front of the client. Our perfumes are made-to-order and the essential oil concentrates remain separate from the alcohol right up to the moment of purchase. Then, the lab technicians proceed to the final formulation of the perfume; oil concentrate,  alcohol and water. You just need to be curious about perfumery and enter our lab - there, our lab technician will walk through our collection and even through some of the dozens of perfume ingredients we have behind the counter, he says.

In the Paris store in Le Marais they have more than 600 ingredients. - Our labs are like an entertainment park for the nose, and the perfume you bring home is a souvenir.

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