The insiders travel guide to Oslo

Oslo Runway kicks off this week, and we give you the insiders guide to Oslo.  We asked stylist Sunniva Hartgen, fashion editor Stella Vaage, world famous super model and PR consultant Siri Tollerød, DJ, designer and cool girl Charlotte Torstvedt and stylist Torstein Lohne about thier favorite places in Oslo.

Photo: Celine Aagaard, Instagram, Stephen Butkus, PS Magazine



Stella Vaage, fashion editor

Where do you get your coffee in Oslo? I usually just stop by my local Stockfleth´s coffee shop in the Old City in Oslo, but if I´m really going out to enjoy a cup of amazing coffee, I take the trip to Tim Wendelboe in Grünerløkka. They have the best cortado in town.

Where to eat in Oslo? Pjoltergeist is the coolest restaurant in Oslo. They serve the best gourmet food on children plates while hip hop is blasting from the speakers. If you order the wine menu that goes with the food you´re in for a treat.

Where would you recommend people to visit in Oslo? Everyone coming to Oslo should definitely have dinner at Pjoltergeist. The new shopping street outside the Steen & Strøm shopping center is great for some luxury shopping and should be followed by a snack at the food court inside the shopping center. Other than that the Astrup Fearnley museum has great contemporary art and the area around Youngstorget has the best bars.

Must visist store?  I love vintage T-shirts and hoodies, so I would recommend people visiting Oslo to stop by Velouria Vintage in Grünerløkka.


Shop vintage at Velouria Vintage.


You should definitely have dinner at Pjoltergeist.


Siri Tollerød, model, writer and PR consultant

Where do you have your coffee? Tranen or Åpent Bakeri.

Where do you dine? Trattoria Poplare in Grünerløkka. 

Where do you go out? I love Pauls Boutique, a bar close to my apartement, and also Chair, they serve the best GT! Also Jaeger if I want to go dancing.

Where to stay? Camillas Hus at The Thief.

Must visit in town? Vigelandsparken. 

Where to go shopping? Eske, Qomo, Ensamble, YME and Babel.


The bar- Pauls Boutique -  a must see, situated at Alexander Kiellands Plass.


Siri posted this picture on her Instagram a few days ago. 


Charlotte Thorstvedt, DJ and designer. 

Where do you take your coffe in Oslo? Tim Wendelboe.

Where do you eat out? I love the restaurant Dr. Kneipp in Grunerløkka. It’s super tiny, quaint, and they have a massive amount of amazing wines.

Where do you go out? The Villa, of course!

Skjermbilde 2016-08-22 kl. 16.47.35

Stella and Charlotte recommend Tim Wendelboe; known for its finescmaker coffee, in the heart og Grünerløkka. 


The Villa Dancing is a basement club who features some pretty amazing DJs, both national and International. Located at Youngstorget. 


Torstein Lohne, stylist, working for designer Christina Ledang and F5 Concept Store. 

Where do you get your coffee in Oslo? Svanen Enoteca. I love the décor, and the interior is the original fixtures from back when it was a pharmacy in 1896. It's also a winebar, so if you sit long enough, you don’t really have to move to have a post-work- drink.

Where to eat in Oslo? Bistro Brocante at Grünerløkka is my nr.1 go-to for when I want to treat myself. Classic French bistro-food, and the restaurant makes you feel like you are on vacation in France.

What would you recommend people to visit when in Oslo? I'm an art fan, so I would definitely recommend The museum of Contemporary Art and Astrup Fearnley. I have allyear-tickets to both of them, so whenever I’m feeling kinda blue, I go there. Also I love good drinks, so when I get a craving, I either go to Torggata Botaniske, or Oslovelo at Birkelunden.

Must visit store? F5, obviously. It's a really nice store that carries great Norwegian brands, and I personally think that the staff who works there are really pleasant people. Ensemble at Nordre gate 15 is also a place to visit.


The Astrup Fearnley museum at Tjuvholmen by Aker Brygge.


F5 Store in the city centre.


Sunniva Hartgen, stylist

Where to eat in Oslo? The biggest burger I've seen is at Meat St. in Grünerløkka. Bacon all over! Please let me know if there exists a bigger one. Besides that I make a fucking great burger myself. Bet I could be a freelance burgermaker. Just another title.

Where would you recommend people to visit in Oslo? You shouldn't visit Oslo, you should visit Lofoten in northern Norway.

Must visit store? F5 for norwegian design, their new store are coming up in september! Plus all my friends work there.


Burger anyone? Check out Meat St or Munchies.


Velouria Vintage in Grünerløkka. 

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