Golden feet for christmas anyone

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There is nothing less sexy than ugly feet- so how to get sexy feet all year round? 

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

We all want delicate holiday feet for summer, but what about your winter feet- dont you think they need a treat? Envelope checked in at Artesia Spa Majorstuen for a talk about party feet.

What do you recommend to get the ultimate party feet? Golden pedicure is the hottest treat for your feet right now. We start with a footbath in gold, then peeling and for a perfect finish a foot massage with gold shimmer creme, says Marie Halvardsson, at Artesia Spa Majorstuen.

The party season is here, and the golden shimmer treatment is perfect before christmas or New Years Eve, but the beauty expert says more people should care more about their feet all year round. A good pedicure with much moisture can be done at home or professionally in a spa- and you will for sure feel more sexy even if youre just plan to stay at home.

What about the color of the nails? Women wants burgundy, wine red and dark pink.

What about red?Red is still hot, but many customers choose darker colors.

And French pedicure? We do more french in the summer and for the wedding season.

What about matching manicure and pedicure is that trendy-or a no-go? We do both

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