Luxury holiday on a budget

Broke but in need of a holiday paradise, city life and the taste of luxury? We give you the tips for a holiday on a budget. 

Envelope by Marie Myklebostad photo by Celine Aagaard

1. Look for treasures at the local marked
Almost everywhere you go on a holiday, there is some form of a local marked. Whether it is an actual supermarket or a street full of stalls, its probably cheaper then the mall at home. You will find a lot of things you probably don’t need, but if you get lucky and see the potential in the simple items such as slippers and bags, you can go home with quite the bargain. Drop the fake prints of expensive brands, and look for clean items, or something you know will go well with your beach life or casual life at home.

 2. Travel with a bigger group of friends
Renting an apartment or a house with a group of people may actually be cheaper then paying for a hotel. Of course it depends on how many that are traveling and where you are going, but you may get a really good deal when you are a group of people. Check out if there is any group discounts, and the chances are bigger that you can get your own private pool without blowing your budget. The more the merrier, right?

3. "Destination celebrity"
As we know some of the celebrities like to get as much luxury as possible can, while on a holiday. They are the experts and that’s why we can trust their choice of holiday spot to feel luxurious even without spending all of your money. If you travel to popular a-list spots, such as St. Barts, Lake Como (Italy) and the French Riviera, it doesn’t mean you have to rent a villa or a yacht, but it may let you spot a celebrity or two and make your holiday feel a little more upper class.

 4. Last minute might be a good idea

Book your flights a year a head, or last minute. If youre lucky you can get tickets to your dream location for nothing. Last minute bookings are perfect if youre flexible on when to travel.

5. Fake guest at nice hotel
Get your lunches at the nice hotel with the swimming pool and pretend you’re a guest of the hotel.

6. St.Tropez style Even though it sounds like trouble, its something the rebel inside us always wanted to try out. Climb over to the wild side and who knows; maybe you’ll end up at a private yacht party?