Dare more with your makeup


- We should dare to wear red makeup! Envelope met up with Global Creative Make up and Color designer, Lucia Pica, at the launch of her first makeup collection for Chanel.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

Lucia Pica, Global Creative Make up and Color Designer for Canel launched her first beaty collection for Chanel in London yesterday,  Le Rouge Collection no 1. The presentation was held with an exhibition at Sumerset House, Photographed by Max Farago- all in red.

Lucia Pica tells Envelope that she does not want us to put on more makeup, but she wants us to dare more when it comes to eyes and lips.

- In general for the skin tone, I still think to many cover their natural beauty with to much makeup. I like natural glow, freshness, so you still can see the tones in your face, she says.

What about us nordic women?
I think everyone can use red. If you are blond, or if you have red or dark hair and light skin.

Don't be afraid, she says. Lucia Pica believes in a strong, independent woman. Gabrielle Chanel is also known for her love of the color of red, and the quote is written on the wall at the launch.
- Red is the color of life, of blood, I love red.

So how to apply the red liner?
You should apply the red eyeliner on the waterline, she says.

Envelope was invited by Chanel


Le Rouge  collection no1 will launch this fall.


Kristen Stewart is the new face of Le collection.


photographs by Max Farago, set design by Andy Hillman.