Who? Sophia Roe

What? Fashion blogger and influencer 

Where? Copenhagen, Denmark 

Follow? Instagram, @sophiaroe

- Style is a way to express your creative mind and to express yourself without speaking. Get into the universe of the cool fashion blogger and influencer, Sophia Roe. Eyes on the aesthetics to this girl. Read more about the Scandi-girl and get her inside travel tips to Copenhagen in this weeks My Style-interview!

COPENHAGEN Envelope by Selina Ekra Sei


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Style is a way to express your creative mind and too express yourself without speaking. You can tell a lot about a person by how they dress. 


Where do you collect your inspiration? Instagram, always. I love the new ‘saved posts’ function. 

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In what way would you say that living in Copenhagen reflects your style? What I’ve noticed is that women in Scandinavia like to dress practical and comfortable in a fashionable way, including myself. To be comfortable and practical is for me, the key. In Copenhagen everyone bikes and therefore you have to dress practical. 

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What do you never wear? You should never say never but low cut or crop tops. 


When did your interest for fashion start? My interest for fashion started quite early, I think. I would always borrow my mother’s lipsticks and dress up as a child and I loved reading my moms fashion magazines as well. It has kind of always been there.  


Favorite item in your closet? This is such a hard question because my favorites change all the time. But I bought an oversized denim jacket from Balenciaga yesterday.


In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? My mood never affects my way of dressing, only the weather! The Scandinavian weather is just so ‘Schizophrenic’, and changing all the time. One day I’m wearing a warm knit and jeans, the other day dress and sandals. 


Flats or heels? I love wearing heels, but as I mentioned - I like to dress practical too. I would say 30% heels and 70% flats!


City Guide

Top 3 things to do in Copenhagen?

1. Explore the city by bike and stop by Nyhavn for a gleam of ‘hygge’.

2. Eat at the many great Restaurants in the city: Höst, Pluto, Cantina, Geist, Beau Marché, Sonny, Spaghetteria or Kødbyens Madmarket. 

3. Copenhagen is filled with beautiful architecture. A canal tour is a great way to see it all in 60 minutes, if the weather is good. 


Any local designer to watch? The artist Christiane Spangsberg and Saks Potts.

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Must visit store in Cph? Holly Golightly has soo many interesting brands to offer. They have two shops in Copenhagen actually. Another store I like to mention is The Apartment. It’s a secret interior showroom and store at Christianshavn. 

Where do you get your coffee in Cph? Central Hotel & Café serve excellent coffee and they are actually the world’s smallest hotels. I actually stopped drinking coffee. The caffeine in coffee affects my body in a weird way. I usually enjoy a cup of matcha at Atelier September if I go.