Eyes on: Marie Noreger

Who: Marie Noreger @marienoreger

What: Artist/Creator

Where: Freelancer

Camera: Canon eos 6D

Based in: Oslo

Location right now: Majorstuen

- Music is the energy that allows me to enter my own space. Meet Marie Norenger - photographer, muse and videomaker.

ENVELOPE by CELINE AAGAARD photo: Marie Noreger/Ebba Hognestad



How did your interest of photography start? I’ve been raised in a creative and truly inspiring family, where to Capture and create inspiring moments have always been important. It is a liberating way to express yourself, and that’s what they have being teaching me from an early age. My own dad, Marius Noreger is a photographer himself and there are no doubts that has been inspiring me a lot.

Photo: Ebba Hognestad


Where do you collect your inspiration? I collect my inspiration from everything, everywhere. Truly just mainly situations, which express life itself. Music is the energy that allows me to enter my own space.

Skjermbilde 2017-12-20 kl. 22.00.12

You are also part of others photographers pictures...  That is true! I work a lot with my friend Ebba Hognestad for example. I would like to say that she is my most important collaborator. We have our own little space we escape in together. It is a working progress just like my own, spontaneously playing with expression. I am as much in front of the camera as behind, and she is as well. It helps us to know what we want to capture when we are behind. For us it’s important to use the pain or our happiness to create, It’s the creators job to share for people who can’t, show our vulnerability and that’s the basic for me and Ebba’s collaboration I think. (photo: @Johannelog)

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Tell us a bit about your projects... My projects are based on emotions, often expressed in movement and rhythm. It reflect itself into my Videos as much as my pictures. Music create visions, and that’s why it’s my base.


What makes a great photo? And what makes not. There are no correct answer to that, a great photo can be perceived differently but I stand by this word called “ugly-nice”. If a photo is perfect, I usually don’t find it interesting. I love pictures that is more or less imperfect.


Where does the fascination for shooting fashion come from? Fashion has always been a fun part to play with. It is a timeless theme with no rules after my opinion. You’re allowed to work with the edginess of your personality and push the boundaries. I think that fascination just reflects itself into my photos sometimes.


When did you get your first camera, and what kind of camera was that?) I got my first camera quite early, in 2010 I think and it was a canon 600D. I remember we had photoshoots at least three times a week, and we would just end up in the forest taking pictures for hours.

Picture taken of her father- photographer Marius Noreger.

20170926-DSC_0082 marienoreger

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? I often tend to put on more colors if my day feels blue just to adjust the day, but I must admit that I wear a lot of black too. I love to

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What is style for you?To have confidence and attitude.

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Whats your highlight in your carrier so far? This summer I made my first music video for Myra, who is a Norwegian artist. It was so fun that I continued making videos for other songs and tunes I loved. I started posting the videos on my Instagram feed and got positive responses from the different artists like Sol Virani and Fhin. Except that there are no exact highlights, cause in my opinion everything is connected. The process of my expression, it’s the highlights itself.


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Top 3 things to do in Oslo As long as I have the music with me there are no exact place I love, I’m in constant movement and lost in moments kind of person. Oslo is a nice town to just observe things and get lost. But if I want to sit down and relax, I like Sentralen. They have cofffe, beer and vegan food!

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Where do you drink your coffee? Kaffebrenneriet at Bislett.

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Where do you do your shopping? I mostly buy my chlotes in second hand shops or flea markets. Other than that it happens that I do my shopping at weekday or zara

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Photo: Ebba Hognestad