Who? Inti Wang

What? Model and influencer 

Where? Oslo, Norway

Follow? @blaawang

- Style to me is like an ID. Since I was a little boy I liked to play with different garments and create looks, says Inti Wang. Meet the seventeen year old that is about to change the fashion game in Oslo- and lead new norms into the new generation.

Oslo ENVELOPE by Selina Ekra Sei


Your style is unique, what is style to you? Style to me is like an ID. The most important thing to me is to own an ID that makes you different and recognizable. 


Where do you collect your inspiration? Instagram is a lot better than Pinterest. It’s where I find so many beautiful and creative humans. The platform is just so amazing. I also collect inspiration from my room actually. It's always messy and there are clothes everywhere. When I’m board I start to dress up and play with my clothing and in that way I get inspired. 

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Who’s your fashion icon and why? I really like David Bowie - hes sense of style was very androgynous and bold - and I can identify with him. 

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What do you never wear? Never say never.

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When did your interest for fashion start? I remember when I was around 7 years old and I went to a flea market and bought a pair of glass heels. I loved them and wore them until they didn't fit. I always had a lot of interest in how I look and preserve myself. Since I was a little boy I always liked to play with different garments and create looks. 

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In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? When I’m tired and lazy I go for a simple look, but when I have more energy and want to look good I always put that little extra in the outfit to make it more interesting.


*Streetstyle photo by: Eva Losada*

What does todays street-style mean to you? Street style to me these days is like a big PR show. I think it has become more of a big platform to promote brands and not really show your true style - that’s just my opinion. Street style to me means to show your style not a brand. 

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Flats or heels? That's difficult, but I think I need to go with the most comfortable,  flats. 

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Favorite item in your closet? I don’t have any. Every garment is special in its own way.

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City tips for travelers

Top 3 things to do in Oslo? Go visit: Vigeland sculpture park, Villa Stenersen, The Botanical Garden.

Must visit store in Oslo? F5 and YME.  

Any local designer to watch? Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen, Admir Batlak, Bror August snd Michael Olestad.