WHO: Karoline Hoel

WHAT: Designer for M.A.M.B Oslo

WHERE: Oslo, Norway

INSTAGRAM: @karolinehoel

"Fashion for me is all about thinking different and challenge yourself in styles that you feel comfortable in and that says something about you as a person".

- The best thing about fashion is that everything is allowed, says street wear designer Karoline Hoel. Get to know the street smart, hot norwegian designer and read her career tips.

ENVELOPE by Lotte Fuhre Ellingsen


Tell us about yourself -  My name is Karoline Hoel and I’m 24. I currently live in Oslo, but I grew up outside of Oslo in a place called Asker. I’ve studied fashion and production at HiO for 3 years, and now I work as a designer for the streetwear brand M.A.M.B Oslo.

 You’re working as a designer for M.A.M.B – tell us how you got the job and how did you find out you wanted to be a fashion designer? Ever since I was little I’ve always liked being creative. When I went to 6th grade we once a week had a textile class where we made pillow cases, aprons and other things. I remember the teacher showing my work to the other teachers because she though my work was really good. It’s weird to think about now because I didn’t know what my future would bring, but I guess that’s where it all started.

When I finished secondary school I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to study, but I decided to follow my heart and study something creative, so in 2017 I started school at HiO. During these years I learned a lot about myself and I found out early that I wanted to work with street wear.

When I finished my bachelor in june 2016 I contacted Silje Gullowna that directed me further to David Nordberg, the founder of M.A.M.B. When they saw my portfolio I got called in for an interview, and later I got the job. Today I work as a designer for both the men’s and women’s collection.

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When did your interest for fashion start? I’ve always felt a little different when it comes to fashion. I’ve always had my own style, something I’ve always have been told through the years. The big interest for fashion has grown bigger and bigger as I’ve grown older and found myself and my style more and more. Fashion for me is all about thinking different and challenge yourself in styles that you feel comfortable in and that says something about you as a person. The best thing about fashion is that everything is allowed.

What does an everyday-outfit look like for you? A normal everyday-outfit to me is often an oversized hoodie, black jeans or track pants, an oversized denim jacket and a pair of Jordans on my feet. Comfy and cool.

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Your best advice to other people that wants so succeed in the fashion business? My best advice is to be yourself and always be positive and open to new challenges. It’s important to believe in yourself and follow your heart instead of the flow. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is my motto. Don’t care about haters, but focus on the people you have around you that is there to back you. If you ever get a no or someone tells you that your work is not good enough, turn around and work even harder to reach your goals. It’s also important to get to know people and make new contacts both in the business and outside. Don’t ever stop dreaming!



What was your first “fashion job”?

I got my first “fashion job” when I did an internship at Line of Oslo through school one and a half years ago. I learned a lot during my time at the brand and got an inside look at what the fashion business looks like and found out that this is what I wanted to do.


Where do you get your inspiration when you’re designing? I’ve always been interested in the sub-culture hip hop. Not only the music genre, but also the fashion and culture that comes with. Wider silhouettes, prints, hoodies and sneakers. I actually based my bachelor collection on the strong bond between fashion and hip hop culture. Hip hop is very popular now a days which is positive for a street wear brand like ours. To me, street wear is more male dominated, but I like to combine the masculine silhouette with more feminine pieces, and that’s kind of what defines my style when it comes to designing. I get inspiration from people I see on the streets, strong personalities and youth culture these days. Contrasts inspire me, for example using elements from chic and street.

What is your favorite piece from your wardrobe? Air Jordan 11 Retro “SPACE JAM” and my collection of faux fur jackets.


What do you never wear? Bandage dresses and UGG’s

 What is your next investment piece? A new pair of grillz is on my wishlist

 What shoes are you wearing this winter? I’ll be wearing a pair of Timerland Ghost White

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