BEAUTY: Humanitarian, eco friendly and vegan

Who: Mr. Smith 

What: Vegan hair products 

Where: Australia / Oslo

Let's talk about vegan hair care products. These days the consumers in both fashion, beauty and health care market are more aware of the prosess behind the making of different products. Humanitarian, eco friendly and vegan are three important keywords. We met up with the Australian man behind the Mr. Smith hair care brand - a quality brand that focus on fashion, simplicity and that's 100% vegan. Read his vision on how hair care and fashion goes hand in hand, and where it all started back in the days, when he used to travel around in Fashion Weeks with his mum as a young boy...

Envelope by Selina Ekra Sei



He used to travel around in Fashion Weeks with his mum as a young boy and basically grew up on some of the biggest fashion sets. His mother was a popular make-up artist to some of the worlds biggest brands, and it's clearly where he have taken his inspiration from.  

How did you get the idea to start with hair products? I worked in marketing and product development at a haircare brand for about 5-6 years. I wanted to create a product of my own that was clean and that could perform above all else. I think that's what we have done with Mr. Smith - it's clean, it's simple and it reflects what I want in a product and also what the consumer wants these days. It's a honest product. 

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How would you describe mr smith in three words? Style, substance, simplicity. I think that encapsulates everything. The three keys to the brand. And it's effortless, even the packing and the design. It really reflects the ingredient listings.

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Where do you see the products in 5 years? I see it only as a sell on only product. I see it as a fashion forward and fashion focused product. I dont want it to be everywhere and we want to keep it nish. Where we are right now it pretty much where we want to be. We dont want to be in the mass marked. Quality over quantity. 

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Mr. Smith with his buisnesspartner and mom. 

- Mr. Smith is dedicated to style, substance and simplicity: style above all else, substance of ingredients – simplicity by design.