Interview: Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen

Who: Eva Emanuelsen

What: Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen

Where: Oslo Runway

- Every collections are made to last beyond seasons. Creative Director of Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen believes in a sophisticated wardrobe that includes power dressing, double breasted blazers and loose tailored trousers.


What kind of women do you design for? I design for enlightened, modern women. Every collections are made to last beyond seasons — to enable our women to build a sophisticated wardrobe. Epilogue originates from a classic sartorial wardrobe, where the focus for all seasons has, and always will be, to facilitate a unique collection to empower women through defined and strong silhouettes.


Your personal style is monochrome. What color palette do you believe in? The fundamental color palette of every season is quite classical — with earthy, neutral colors often contrasted with a strong color and hand drawn print that catches your eye. This season I have chosen various shades of blue; from cobalt, azure, lapis to indigo blue. All these blue shades meets both peacock green and aluminium that are colors we strongly believe in this fall. For us, it is important to stay true to the brand instead of following trending colors.


The seasons key items? As the brand circles around reinvented classics and new pieces — our coats as the Fiorito coat or Fiorito Dress is made in a contemporary merge of traditional fabrics, silhouettes and techniques. Our suitings in Italian wool is also quite iconic, as well as our Sussex lambs fur that launches mid-september.


Your presentation is in season. Why is that important for you and Epilogue? The Epilogue presentation during Oslo Runway showcased a carefully selected ensemble of pre-fall, a print capsule and also pieces from the main fall line. All this to work closer to the season, testing out the see now — buy now concept. This gives me the instant feedback to deliver better and better collections to our women. Inside the atelier of Epilogue we deal with unique and specific qualities, in which I devote segments of our collections to every season, this is what we wanted to present to our steady followers, press and buyers. I wanted you to get a taste of what you can expect for our next runway show.


What do you believe in for fall? For the coming fall and seemly a wonderful indian summer I believe in the art of power dressing, as we have further developed some wonderful archive pieces and added both double breasted blazers, loose tailored trousers and some great, light wool coats for the coming season. The miss-match of similar color tones and layering is fundamental for the fall season — our favourite season that is.