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My Style: Meet Nora Borgersen

Who? Nora Borgersen

What? Medical student and fashion enthusiast.

Where? Oslo.

"I dont believe in one spesific item. The only key I have is for my apartment". Oslo Runway is on. Meet medical student, model and fashion enthustiast Nora Borgersen off the runway.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

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Your style is unique, what is style to you? Style to me is a way to give a first impression and define your identity. It kind of shows your inner self without opening your mouth and telling people who you are. With style I can show another side of my personality, my strong and masculin side.


How did you first get into the business? I joined my sisters modelling agency when I was a teenager, but eventually I decided to focus on other passions. Today I work freelance just for the fun of it.

In what way does your mood affect the way you dress ? I actually have a rule for that. My mood should never affect the way I dress - thats the beauty of giving a visual impression that can be so different from the way I feel or behave that day. It's actually the other way around for me, it's the way I dress that determines my mood.

Key item for this season? I don't believe in one spesific item. The only key I have is for my apartment. But I won't hide the fact that I love rings and leather belts. I can wear the same jeans for a party, at school and at work, and the belt can separate the different occasions. In other words, I believe in the whole expression of the entire outfit .


How do you combine the medicine study with the modelling job? First of all, I need to emphasize that my studies come first and demands 80% of my time and focus, while modelling combines with my love for the fashion industry is something I enjoy during my sparetime. Doing something totally different from my future job is essential for relaxing and rejuvenating my mind.

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Do you ever, in private, wear other colours than black? Ha ha, love that question. I wear black 99 % of the time. To me black is not one color, but several. I love to combine black in different materials, shapes and textures and to me that's like wearing many different colors.

What trends and colours do you believe in for ss17? Personally, I will always believe in black, white and tones of grey. I don't follow trends, to me that's an easy way out. What I find hard and challenging is finding items that are timeless and classy that never go out of style. New season fashion trends might give me new inspiration for clothing with new shapes and open my eyes for new materials. 

Flats or heels? Easy. Flats! I walk everywhere, fast. I wouldn't risk a faceplant by using heels. Style shouldn't be competing with what's practical and comfortable.

Favorite items in your closet? I love my, too many, coats and boots.

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What was the first shoot you did? Gosh, I do not remember.

Highlights so far? Well, I think that was a small job I did for Mardou & Dean a year ago. That evening I met some people that have become some of my best friends.

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Where do you collect your inspiration? Everywhere. People I see on the street both men and women, movies, interior, smells and streetstyle photos. I actually have a tendency to run after people and ask where they buy their clothes. Once I asked a random guy what perfume he was wearing, and I ended up buying both the perfume and the deodorant (Viktor & Rolf, Spicebomb). The poeple that inspire me the most, are the ones that have a natural look and express confidence with their style and body.


What do you never wear? Beige tights - LOL, and colors in general. I try to dress practical, for example you will never see me in a minidress during the winter... or actually ever.

When did your interest for fashion start? It started the day I opened my eyes for the first time in my life and realized that I have an living mirror in front of me at all times (I have an identical twin). It makes me aware of how I look and how others perceive me.


Oslo tips for travellers:

Top 3 things to do in Oslo? To be hoonest I had to ask an English tourist for the way to a museum today. If I were a traveller I would blend in with the locals. I would recommend Astrup Fearnley museum because of its great location and architecture and later have a drink at Himkok or chill at Oslo Mekaniske Verksted.

 Must visit store? F5 Consept Store, beautiful store that specialises in showcasing the best in Norwegian fashion and clothing that are minimalistic, clean and at the same time laydback and chill.

 Any new designer to watch? Avenue. Simple, classy and the people behind the brand are awesome.

Where do you get your coffee in town? Anywhere as long as I get a coffee with soy milk and loads of sweetners, cinnamon and cardamom. Yes, strangers actuallty comment my funny taste in coffee.