Interview - Marlene Meireles

Who: Marlene Meireles

what: Jewellery designer

Where: @trendevotion

"My ambition is really to be able to create jewellery that can fill that empty space in our lives"

- I feel I can create a different state of mind everyday, says Marlene Meireles. Her vision is to create strong and feminine handmade jewellery. The so far unknown jewellery designer from Portugal is one to know.


When did your interest for jewellery started? I always wanted to create things and when I went to Design University in Porto, I chose Jewellery design. Later I studied in Barcelona, accessories design, shoes and bags. It is fascinating to imagine something in my head and be able to make it just as I pictured it. The best part is to wear it.

How did you get into the business? I started making customised wedding and engagement rings and jewellery for special occasions. A very close friend of mine, a wedding planner, was a big inspiration to me to start creating something with a special purpose. Then came the big wish to start my own collection - I felt ready. It was very intuitive and emotional at same time.

What trends do you believe in for the next season? I really believe in pink and green emerald stones, gold and pearls. Feminine pieces.

Can you give us a few hint about the inspiration behind the collection? (AW17) This collection represents in a way the two parts of me; feminine and strong. Strong feminine shapes, flowers, stones and gold and in other way the simplicity and clean lines. This was a way to start and show what I can offer.

What inspires you the most? People in general, people I know, people that pass by me on street. I am always trying to pick up what they wear, how they wear it and why they wear it. I´m also inspired by antique jewellery, I like to bring it back from past and make it actual and useful again. My roots, traditions, mediterranean culture, women around me, they are the real ones and my biggest source of inspiration.

In what way do you use your own style into your jewellery universe? I create my own style combining different trends, but always being true to myself. With my collection I feel I can create a different state of mind everyday, by mixing different pieces. I like to create different looks, but always be me. The Floré and Timeless collections are very different, but they compliment each other. When I mix them together they become even more interesting and strong. Creating a different statement.

How does living in Portugal lead to inspiration for your designs? Portugal has a very big tradition in handmade jewellery, gold, silver, craved stones, specially in the north where I live. I live by the sea, we have a lot of sun and our culture is very interesting to explore too. At the same time, I travel a lot and that makes me see the things out of the bubble, and that balances the creative process.

How would you style your rings for spring? I would stack them together and not be afraid to mix. I would love big craved emerald and nude pink stones for spring and of course some pearls. My rings can be used as a single piece or mix it up all together. To be honest, I love to mix all it up.

What was your ambition for the brand at the beginning? My ambition is really to be able to create jewellery that can fill that empty space in our lives. Handmade jewellery in silver and gold with craved stones and handmade finishings with affordable prices. As the brand name says - TRENDEVOTION - Devotion of the trends, something we believe, something that makes us feel better, like a religion. It is more than jewellery, it is what you want it to be. The pieces I create, they come from a instant desire of making them and the love of sharing it - so, TRENDEVOTION, can be surprising, jewels are a way to express myself and i never know how it will be. "That materialist love that is transformed in love by yourself.”

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