MY STYLE: Katarina Petrovic

Who? Katarina Petrovic

What? Journalist and Founder of A Style Journey

Where? Oslo @katarinapetrovic

Katarina Petrovic knows how to do her power dressing to the point. Meet the coolest Serbian in town.


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 Your style is unique, what is style to you? I actually find it quite hard explaining style. It’s simply just a part of me and my personality, which I as well find hard to explain. Everyone has one and it’s unique for that one person, making her or him standing out in her or his own way. As well as it’s always developing, changing and growing, becoming the best version of itself. And that’s the beauty of it.


Where do you collect your inspiration? In life itself - by living it. While traveling, shopping, taking a Sunday-walk, eating on a restaurant or just by hanging on Instagram; the usual things I do, as well as fashion shows of course (download Vogue Runway on your phone asap if you already haven’t for everyday runway-inspo).

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 In what way would you say that living in Oslo reflect your style(if it does)? It does, in both good and bad ways. Living in Oslo has definitely made me a more practical and masculine dresser than I would probably be - which counts for a lot of Scandi-girls. Great outwear, comfy foot wear and layers - all in a fashionable way - is our expertise. But after all I’m Serbian, and it’s in our genes to dress a bit more elegant than the weather here allows. So, when you spot a dash of unpractical, elegance in-between all the minimalism and masculine dressing, now you know why.

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How did you first get into the business? As a blogger. It all actually startet one year ago, at the exact same time of the year, with A Style Journey. In other words; I’m very fresh, but I really enjoy everything and everyone I get to meet by being in it.

When did your interest for fashion start? According to my mom, very early. Not only did she dress me and herself very well - which probably has a lot to say - I early started insisting on dressing myself and dressing up. The favorite look is definitely the all-socks-look; when I made an outfit out of socks. Also we always dressed, shopped and looked in magazines together, so fashion has always just been there.

Your 5 key items for fall The beret, oversized suits, check garments, floor-lengt coats and masculine loafers.

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What do you never wear? Never say never, but never color-block (especially not pink and red in one look…). I’ve also told myself to never wear socks in heels, but I have a feeling I’ll be lying if I say never about that one now. I’m so into basic socks and loafers at the moment - and hey, I live in Oslo.

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Flats or heels? I would love to say heels (since I would love to be able to wear more of them), but in Scandiland it would be a lie saying anything other than flats.

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What trends and colours do you believe in for AW17? Power suiting, supersize knit sweaters (combined with midi skirts), statement outwear (see the Balenciaga pulled coat and a floor-length faux fur), corduroy, hats (especially the beret), oversized bags and masculine footwear. When it comes to colors I always stick to my favorites; black, white, grey, brown and beige. But a dash of red, green and blue is welcomed this AW-season.

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In what way does your mood affect the way you dress? Usually my mood doesn’t effect my dressing; my style is simply just there, just like my mood. But If I’m really moody that can sometimes show in two ways. Either I dress in all black (since I always feel good in black) or in a daring/new combination (in hope of lifting my mood).


- Favorite item in your closet? … is always changing. But a good blazer is an all-time favorite regardless the season. At the moment my favorite is a check hourglass one.

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City tips for travellers: Top 3 things top do: Take a walk in the gorgeous Vigeland Park, visit the Munch museum and stroll around at Grünerløkka before you eat at the best Italian restaurant in town, Trattoria Populare.

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Must visit store ? The shopping scene in Oslo is in an amazing growth and so many good stores has opened (and are opening) making it impossible to choose only one. So, here are two favorites you need to visit: Vincci and YME.

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Where do you get your coffe in …….? I’m actually not a coffee-drinker, but I love a good chai latte (and beautiful spots) and a favorite is Kolonialen.


Any local designer to watch? Admir Batlak, Elisabeth Stray Pedersen and Tom Wood.

photo: Indigital images/oslo runway