Who: Mariann Vik

What: Editor in Chief 2minutter Magazine,

Camera: Cannon Mark 5Diiii


Based in: Kristiansand/LA

Location right now: Kristiansand

Unge Ferrari, Andrea Myhre, Sophie Ellise, Martin Danielle, Ulrikke Falch, og Stian Blipp. Carmen Electra og Taryn Manning. Shes been in "bed" or in the shower with all of them-  but only for work.  Meet the editor, filmmaker and photographer of 2minutter, Mariann Vik. 

Unge Ferrari, Andrea Myhre, Sophie Ellise, Martin Danielle, Ulrikke Falch, og Stian Blipp. Carmen Electra og Taryn Manning. Mariann Vik har fotografert dem alle. I senga, på gulvet, i et basseng eller i badekaret. Envelope fikk mer enn bare 2minutter med Kristiansandsjenta som får de fleste til å stille opp på det meste...


Editor, photographer and filmmaker- tell us how you manage to it it all? Haha it has taken alot of work and fails to finally manage my time the right way. I love what I do and this is so much more than work, its my passion. I have an amazing team around me in 2minutter and my husband that helps me with creating the movies/music, I truly could not have done it all without the help from everybody. My passion is with photography,  I have a bachelorsdegree in marketing and filmmakin and I am going to start making music videos later this year.  We have always made «behind the scenes» videoes from our photoshoots and its something I really love. As an editor it takes alot of time and teamwork from everybody else in 2minutter.


For those who don`t know- the short story of 2minutter? I have always had a passion for the creative since I read TOPP when you (Celine Aagaard. red.anm) were the edior there. I used to think you had the coolest job and that one day I wanted to work with that. I started studing in Australia, and understood that a 9-5 job was never going to be something for me. I wanted to work with my passion. I started doing internships in Beverly Hills, California. I got so inspired by everyones work etichs and how people dared to live theire dreams there and no «jantelov». I used my contacs to start going to events and fun parties, which gave me more contacts. I wanted to be a photographer and saw that the marked was very thin and that I needed to think outside the box. I created a website first with my cousin who is a fashion designer. Then we got interns to work with us, creating what today is a magazine sold in print at Narvesen in Norway. I wanted to have a magazine that focus on the images, creativity and something the Norwegian marked did not have. It was also a great excuse to book photoshoots with my favoritt artist/actors and give me a name so that I can live full time as a photograher.


How did you started? from dreams to publishing the glossy magazine? First I knew I needed to create a team with me. In 2minutter we have video editors, journalists, a marketing person and a makeup artist who are starting out in the business, who is given a chance to work with big names and make a name for themself. Its important to focus on what you are good at, and for me that is photography, sponsorships and filmmaking.


It has taken alot of time and working 24 hours a day and alot of free work, to finally getting to a point where I can live of my passion and have an amazing product that we can proudly sell in print. I really started from the bottom and worked with internships to finally beeing good enought and have the right connections to make a website into a magazine. There are no shortcuts, just hard work and dedication.


What makes a great photo? When the person you are shooting is showing themself and you can see who that person is from the photo.

And what makes not? When people try to hard to be something they are not and tacky sexy photos. Really hate that.

Martin Danielle, CLMD- producer and artist.


When did the fascination for shooting famous people and fashion come from? I have always been inspired that someone has a dream and then become famous and get to live that dream. I dont care about the fame part, but I think if you are an artist/actor that get «famous» you are truly talented and I love working with talented people who are inspiring to me and others. I love working with new designers that catches youre eyes and makes a photo pop.


For 2minuter I only take photos of people I like/resepect as I want the magazine to be something I can 100 prosent stand for and that has people in it that I think the world should know about or see another side from in a creative photoshoot.

Bathroom shot - Unge Ferrari.


How did your interest of photography start? It started in Santa Cruz, but it took several years until I did something more about it. I have always loved everyhting about LA, Hollywood, Fashion and beauty. I think photography is so special as it captures a moment in time that you will never get again. It creates memories and I always try to bring out the personality of the people I shoot with, as I think that is so important.


What catches your eye? People with cool fashion style, fun personalities and people who are not affraid to be themself. That is the most fun to shoot.


The norwegian artist OnklP.


What is style for you? Everything. It makes a person and a photo.


What inspires you the most? LA inspires me the most. There are literrary a photoshoot location on every corner.

Taryn Manning- shot in California by Mariann for 2minutter. The issue will be out in January 2018.


When did you get your first camera, and what kind of camera was that? I was an exchange student when I was 17 in a surf town in California called; Santa Cruz. I took a darkroom class and learned how to take photos manually and create them in a darkroom. I took photos when my friends surfed and really loved it. I did not start doing photos until 4 years ago, when my dad gave me my frist «professionall» Olympus camera.


I have never taken a photography class. I have learned it all by myself. I think of photography like art, and its important to have your own style.


You are a huge fan of shooting polaroid- when did you start with that? I started shooting in Polaroid 3 years ago. I have so many of them, and one day I would love to give out a book with them. I think its something magical about not editing the photos and seeing them develop right away.


I think its something magical about not editing the photos and seeing them develop right away. Some of my best work is in polaroids.

Dj Steve Aoki shot by Mariann Vik Johansen.


Whats your highlight in your carriere so far? Its been so much! I loved having lunch with Tom Cruise manager and Johnny Depps wife came over and he introduced me as»this girl is going to take my job one day». It was so flattering how he belived in me and he gave me so many great advices.


Mariann did this cover for Julie Bergan.


Music Edition nr. 1 2015 2MINUTTER magazine.


Charlotte Thorstvedt shot in LA for the first issue.


Alexandra Joner for 2MINUTTER magazine, makeup by Dajanamakeup.


 Hey Boy! Stian Blipp by Mariann Vik.


In bed with Sandra Lyng.


Sandra Lyng shot in the bathroom.