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Upgrade and refresh your Instagram news feed with these profiles! We have picked out 4 of our favourite users to follow at the moment. Different projects, exciting visuals, photographers, models, activists, writers – you name it. These 4 girls cover it all, offer real creativity and will fulfil your need for inspiration and encouragement. Girl power – we like!

ENVELOPE by Selina Ekra Sei 


Instagram: Nadia Lee Cohen.

The English girl is not only a fashion icon, but also, an extraordinary photographer and video maker who is currently raising in the United States. Her aesthetics is remarkable and as she explained to Vogue; I like to create images that are slightly uncomfortable to look at. View her website:


Instagram: Angela Pham

She started out as an event photographer in New York, but have over the past years expanded her work. Her style is unique and her capability to visualize trough outfits have been praised by many street style photographer and magazines. View her website here:


Instagram: Marzy Jane 

A model, an activist, journalist, artist and so much more. Marzy Jane shares her journey of life from New York on social media. She pros the “ghetto culture” and combines it with luxury fashion. Traveling around the world on fashion weeks you may have seen her on street style photos, or specific for the Scandi people – modelling for the Danish brand Saks Potts. Marzy Jane shows how being pregnant can be just as fashionable as anything else. Website:


Instagram: Zizi Donohoe

Designer and dear friend of Nadia Lee Cohen. Zizi Donohoe is the designer of her very own brand where she offers footwear, accessories and characteristic silk robes. Her universe is full of glam, popping colours but always give the audience a truthful side. We love this diva and are looking forward to following her career as a fashion designer. View her webshop her: