A new Révolution?

Who: TRUDON 1643

What: 5 Fragrances from Trudon 1643

Where: Heaven Scent, Oslo

Modern, magical, smoky, spicy and mystical. Renowned for it`s scented candles, Maison Trudon extends it`s avoir-faire and unveils a genderless line of perfumes- with 5 fragrances- Bruma, Olim, II, Revolution and Mortel.  We love the flacon, the five different scents and the beautiful campaign.

Envelope by Celine Aagaard

Trudon Parfums -Flacon Mortel - 300dpi

Mortel is a mystical presence, deep-rooted and spicy.

Trudon Parfums-Display-300DPI-01

A RÈVOLUTION ia a smokey messenger of both a beggining and an end. This fragrance blends in, leaving an air of mystery and intrigue around the body.

Trudon Parfums -Flacon Bruma - 300dpi

Bruma- A ray of sunlight spreads with the strength of a shadow.

Lui 50-70 1005

The fragrances are rooted in the Maison´s heritage. They are modern, rather subversive take on precious themes such as history, royality or a sence of absolutenes..